Ever taken a liking to a product, only to find, a short time later, it’s discontinued?! Well, that’s the story of my life…

Gerry, my husband, has been away for a few days — he went to Quebec last Thursday, to see his sons. He came back, safe and sound, yesterday afternoon, but was tired, of course, after the long drive.

I’d asked him to check the bigger drug stores and/or Hudson’s Bay for a perfume — we don’t have Hudson’s Bay here in Saint John, in fact, now there’s is non in the whole province, since the one in Moncton shut down! I’m really not much of a perfume person, but throughout the years there have been a few that I’ve liked Β … to wear just a tiny bit …like a whiff.Β Most of the ones I have liked are either discontinued or I don’t like them any more.

On my way back from Sweden, last Fall, I was roaming the tax free shop at Reykjavik’s airport Keflavik. Spotted an old favourite … NOA, had a little squirt and realized I still loved it as much as before. Didn’t buy it, though … I felt like I’d already spent so much during the four weeks I’d travelled, so I just let it be. Back here, I started looking for it after a while, but here in Saint John, it was nowhere to be found.

In any event, miraculously, it hasn’t been taken out of production [yet], because Gerry found it right away in a drug store there in Quebec.

I don’t know why it is that way …if it’s my taste or what πŸ˜† A few posts back, I wrote something about cheese cake and Costco. Well … that’s gone from Costco now! That’s not an entirely bad thing. We’d taken a liking to a Quiche Lorraine — also in Costco. That’s GONE! They won’t make it any more! I could make a much longer list of things in the grocery stores that just disappear! The worst is the lingonberry sauce they had for a while, which I loved … now it’s nowhere to be found. I even wrote an email to the manufacturer, but never heard a word back. I knew that this would happen, so I bought quite a few and still have three bottles left, but still … it’s maddening!

It’s Tuesday, hence I have the TV-series Homeland to look forward to. I find it both fascinating and intriguing in some odd way, but so far I haven’t heard anybody else of my online buddies who watches it.

25 thoughts on “discontinued

  1. magsx2

    I agree it is maddening when something you really like seems to disappear, this has also happened to me and then you have to try and find a substitute, but it never is as good. 😦

    I have never watched Homeland, I don’t watch a lot of TV. I watch a few TV shows I do like on the net, that way I can watch what I want when I want and don’t have to worry about ads. πŸ˜€

    1. reb

      I haven’t done much TV-watching online. Maybe because they’re in the same room .. the TV and the computers. On Christmas Eve, I was so looking forward to watching a certain programme from back home, only to find it ‘wasn’t available in my country’ ..grrr..
      This Homeland series is at least on one of those commercial free channels.

  2. Touch2Touch

    This happens to me a lot with things like food products (Trader Joe is notorious about this!).
    I remember a wonderful rosemary lavender honey at Stop & Shop which suddenly disappeared, never to be seen again. And my favorite sauce mixes for Japanese food, Cook Do (my husband thinks it’s because the name is so silly that no one will carry it any more; but i think he’s wrong).

    1. reb

      Yes, in certain stores it seems to be more likely to happen. Haven’t been to a Trader Joe’s since 2006 in Presque Isle, ME.

      Stop & Shop, I believe is the same as Hannaford, and we go there each time we go to Calais, ME. I like to buy a certain Caesar dressing there, that we don’t have here [Cardini’s].

  3. Juliana

    I have worn that perfume. Not seen it anywhere I shop for a while. Now will have to look for it. One of my fave perfumes is not made anymore. Troubles within the company so there is a bit of hope it may return. Not much though.

    I hate when I find something I love and then it is gone. Hate it.

    Glad Gerry is back safe and sound. Our weather has been lovely except for the tornadoes. Nice temps. Wish it would last. Ha.

    1. reb

      Yes, you can try a little whiff in some drugstore! I’ll never forget the first one that disappeared; Gaulouise by Molyneux. That’s long time ago.
      He had a very nice trip to QC..

  4. orples

    I know what you mean. Jello used to put out a dessert calle one,two, three (if I remember correctly). I used to fix it all of the time, and for some reason they quit making it. I still drool over it. It was a layered desert. A layer of jello, then some fluffy center similar to whip cream, and another layer on top that topped off the combination of flavors. Believe me, I feel your pain. ;( . At least Gerry made it home safe, so life ain’t all bad. πŸ˜‰

  5. AlohaKarina

    We used to love the big bottles of Lingonberry drink from Ikea, we make the most delicious popsicles out of them, but they only sell the little bottles now. Still, we buy it–it’s my girls’ favorite popsicle. πŸ™‚

    1. reb

      Yes those are very good, Karina! I’d almost forgotten about them … I mostly buy cranberry juice here now.. since all IKEA:S are so far away..

      1. AlohaKarina

        Cranberry is good but it just doesn’t do when we want Lingonberry. I’m glad it’s getting warmer again…we have some lingonberry drink mix in the fridge, ready to be made up into popsicles once again!

  6. purpleborough

    Could you say that my husbands were discontinued?

    Glad Gerry is back safe and sound.As long as he is not discontinued, everything will be fine, I think. I could be wrong; but where Gerry is concerned, I think not.

    Don’t ask me why I am going on and on about this…Homeland has never entered my world except as Homeland Security. Not the right show, right?

    1. reb

      I guess they were, Linda πŸ˜† Homeland Security I’ve only seen at the border crossing..

  7. Crowing Crone Joss

    Halifax was fogged in this morning as well. I’m hoping for clear skies on THursday morning when I fly to Toronto for a week’s visit. Glad your sweetie is back home safe and sound. That is a long drive for sure.

    1. reb

      Overnight we were fogged in, but now it’s brilliant! How nice for you to go to Toronto! Big city! πŸ™‚

  8. barb19

    That hasn’t happened to me with perfume, but a few times with particular lipsticks that I have loved – then they disappear altogether! Quite frustrating!
    The hub and I watched Homeland and we loved it- well worth watching, nail biting stuff! I’m just wondering if there is a second series – is that what you are watching, or the first?

    1. reb

      Finding a colour that is just right, is very difficult, but once you do, it will disappear.

      I don’t know, so I guess I’m still watching season one. Can’t really imagine a season two, but we’ll see πŸ™‚

  9. David Bennett

    Glad you were able to get your perfume πŸ™‚

    Would that duck in the photo be a Teal?

    I too have been watching Homeland – and I have seen every episode except the first one.

    Can’t talk about it yet – watching to see which way it turns out.

    Would love to talk about it when it’s over, though.

    I bet a Homeland Reviewers Club would be a big success!

    1. reb

      It’s a male, American Wigeon.

      It’s morning now, so I’ve watched one more episode …I’ve seen all — very fascinating.

      The producers are the same as 24.

  10. Diddums

    Mum and I both love Noa… it seems to me quite a Christmassy perfume.

    I remember I used to love a particular brand of Dandelion and Burdock juice. It was lovely and it was cheap. Then the supermarket sold up to another, and that juice instantly vanished and was replaced by a vastly inferior ‘supermarket’s own brand’ of dandelion and burdock… all these years later and they are still selling the inferior brand, but there’s no sign of the one I liked. Infuriating.

    1. reb

      It is, indeed …infuriating! I know the feeling about many things. My all time favourite perfume was discontinued just a few years after it was released. Gauloise by Molyneux. I’m not alone, I’ve searched online and many people are posting about it … This was in the 80’s and I still remember it..


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