no picnic

There was an online picture editor called Picknik, but it’s closing now on April 19. It will be available on Google+.

Sometimes they can come in handy, I guess …the online editors — it’s all about what you’re getting used to. I had it in Flickr, and it did happen I noticed that the horizon wasn’t perfectly straight. Then it was a breeze to straighten it with Picknik.

Many people liked to play with all the filters they provided. The other day I came across another one of those online editors — BeFunky — that does all the same things as Picknik. Easy to use, you don’t even have to sign up.

The filters aren’t my kettle of fish, but I tried one [Impressionist] … just because it was there.

On a different note: I have a Tumblr account. I’ve had it for several years but I don’t know what to use it for?! Can someone here, in the blogosphere, please enlighten me? What’s the point of it?

19 thoughts on “no picnic

  1. Tumblr…well, I think it helps to be under 25. 🙂
    My daughter and her friends (14-17) and my niece and her friends (20-24) primarily use it to reblog pictures and other items/articles of interest they find. It can seem very chaotic (it reminds me of mid and late 60’s concert posters and comics with so much information crammed into such a small space) but it is a way of communication for many of them. I think the best way to view it is that Pinterest was created for the older folks to do the same stuff in a quieter and less hectic manner.

    Just my top o’ the mind thought on it.

    1. From what I understand, there’s no way of commenting there, so it’s not like a regular blog. Apparently, I’d set mine up long time ago, and also had set Posterous to post to Tumbler somehow [cross-posting is nothing but confusing].

      I still haven’t got the full grasp, or the ‘feel’ for Pinterest either, even though it’s the 3rd most popular social network..

      Now, at least, I have a little Pinterest tool in my Chrome browser, so it will get a little easier when I see something 😀

    1. You mean Picasa? I use it every day … I download all my photos with Picasa. I’ve been tempted to move over to them for online storage, but the hassle of moving all my photos from Flickr is preventing me.. Wouldn’t even know how to do it.

        1. the latest update had a few bugs, but that will be sorted out — I’ve used it for so long so I can’t get used to any other pgr..

  2. I too used Piknik in Flickr for things. I will miss it.

    I have had a Tumblr account for a long time. My blogg posts there from Posterous. I love looking at photos and it is a great place for that. I subscribe to many bloggs there. And I am addicted to Pinterest and post photos from Tumblr on it.

    Will check out the program you suggested. I wonder if I already have it???

    1. I think I quit Posterous when they changed to those Spaces or whatever it is. Besides, I was more up for all those services a couple of years ago.
      Many people seem to be ‘addicted’ to Pinterest, and I’ve really tried — so far, no luck 🙂
      The BeFunky is only a web service download. Or did you mean the Pinterest extension in Chrome? That’s very convenient..

  3. TimeThief over at OneCoolSite Blogging Tips did a post recently (maybe a re-blog) about an alternative – PicMonkey – at

    Edit Photos Online

    and the comments mention another couple of image editors.

    I cannot help with what Tumblr is about.

    I post from Instagram to my Tumblr blog and I have a dashboard widget that enables me to post images to Tumblr. So, from time to time I notice images on my desktop and before I junk them, I post them with the widget to Tumblr.

    But I have almost no ‘contact’ there – I am not sure how one does ‘contact’ other tumbl-folk 😉

    1. Thanks! I checked it out. It was pretty similar …

      The Tumblr thing — I was just trying to make sense of it … figure out what the point of it is 🙂

  4. Hi,
    I love the effect you did on the photo. I haven’t gone into any photo editing at all, one day I will play around and see if I can have some fun with them. 🙂
    I have no idea about tumbler, I did look at it a few years ago, but I really couldn’t make it out, didn’t seem to be anyway of connecting to people.

    1. Sometimes it’s real useful and other times, pure fun.. The one I’d found, and the one David mentioned here above are both good..

  5. I’m sad to see the end of Picknik, but will check out BeFunky, as I love messing around with a photo editor!
    Can’t help you with tumblr, never used it or wanted to – and I still haven’t made up my mind yet about Pinterest.

    1. Hi Barb,
      Yeah it’s cool … all the stuff you can do!
      I’ve tried hard to muster up some interest in Pinterest (!) …so far; I dunno 😀

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