one little goal

Went out on another photo walk today! Had a thing in mind — a goal — that had in fact been on my mind for quite some time. It involved a certain amount of walking, because it had to be shot from the ‘back’, so to speak. I’m not even sure all that many people around here have noticed it. Here you go:

This is the tower of the old fire station on Main Street. To shoot it from the actual Main Street would be next to impossible or at least involve a tremendous amount of photoshopping — Main Street is Β«infestedΒ» with power lines! In front of this building, it’s not just one line — that would be easy — it’s a whole nest!

So … I got a nice, little walk … Douglas Ave., Clarendon St., eventually Adelaide Street. I couldn’t resist this building, because of their interesting choice of colours! Apparently, they’ve started to re-paint it now — it was beginning to look a little faded — but the same colour scheme!

It’s nice to photograph buildings — they stay put, they don’t move around [hopefully], but it’s also fun to take pictures like this, even though nobody can see what it is.

Wall around St. Peter's RC Church

Just found an old movie on TV, that I haven’t seen for ages — Love is a Many Splendored Thing — so I’ll curl up on the couch and enjoy that now. Guess I’m a hopeless romantic πŸ˜€ I see now that it was made the same year I was born.

19 Replies to “one little goal”

  1. Hi,
    Looks like you had a very nice walk. πŸ™‚
    I love the second photo, and by the looks of things they are in the middle of painting, this will be interesting to see when they have finished. I noticed they have only just started on the walls, but have finished the windows and door. They maybe way out colours for a house, but I rather like it, and it looks like the colours all go well together. A very nice photo. πŸ˜€

    1. I like that building … it really stands out on its street. It seemed newly painted when we got here in 2008, the colour must have faded rather quickly. Later on they’ll hang flower baskets, and they always choose flowers that go with the colours πŸ™‚

  2. You got a lovely walk, and you got your photo, so well done Rebekah – mission accomplished!
    I love the colours on that building, and so pretty with the hanging baskets (thanks for the link).
    I saw that movie years ago and loved it – I’m a hopeless romantic too, and I reckon the old movies capture that so well.

    1. They’ve buried all the power lines on Union Street now, so I guess I’ll focus on that street from now on LOL

      Thanks, about the wall…

    1. Thank you, J.
      I don’t know why it is such fun to take pictures like that wall … it just is πŸ™‚

  3. Great photos!!! There is a beautiful stone church near me that is now a performing arts building. It has wires in front of it also. I shoot it and remove the wires. Not at all easy. Especially with the stones.

    1. Thank you, Julie … that reminds me; there’s a huge stone church downtown, that I really need to shoot. They’re going to tear it down pretty soon — nobody wants to pay for the upkeep,maintenance,heating… It’s enormous, I think they call it The Arches.

      1. Sad to hear about that church. I hate seeing the old wasted. Hope you get some awesome photos of it.

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