Howe now … Fort How?

Across the street from us, there is a hill called Fort Howe. Right now it could have been renamed Fort Hog [as in groundhog]. I had nothing pressing at hand today and the weather was fair — I grabbed my camera and a handful of peanuts. Now I’m going to bring you, my blogging buddies, with me on a walk up on Fort Howe.

Chose the rear entrance, from Kitchener St. It’s less steep — I’m not the world’s fittest person.

What’s that …a cannon?! Naww…I think it’s a howitzer!

Nobody home?! Here I was going to introduce you to some of Fort Howe’s inhabitants. Lots of condos, but they all seem to be out.

Ahh … the neighbour was home, at least!

Thank you for the peanuts!

There’s some historical stuff up there, but most of all it’s a look-out point. This blockhouse is from 1967, and is a replica of the real, old one.

picture from 2011, it isn't that green here now

During the snow free part of the year, you can drive up there, and there always seems to be cars up there — especially during lunch hour! McDonald’s is located just below it, so people buy their lunch and drive up to enjoy the view while they eat. Were I a raccoon, I’d move in on Fort Howe — must be lots of goodies in those garbage cans and they’re easy to get into too, for a ingenious raccoon, but so far I’ve never seen one — only gulls.

The rest of the year, you can only get there by foot — they lock the gates, because they don’t want to maintain the road and do snow removal there.

You get a gorgeous view of the city, one picture here is from a summer afternoon in 2011, with a cruise ship departing.

When the cruise ships are in, they bring the tourists up on Fort Howe in pink buses. Some days, the fog is so thick so they can’t see anything at all, unfortunately — Saint John being the Fog Captial of Canada, as I mentioned in a previous post 🙂

There are other, cute inhabitants up there, certain parts of the year. About two years ago, we saw all these deer walking along the street (!) on their way up on Fort Howe! We drove to the back gate of it, and got to see a performance you see in this deer picture. That is not very common, though.

AND … to conclude this walk, a little bit of history. I was snapping away up there for an hour. There were so many subterranean rodents up there — holes everywhere, and I finished off all the peanuts I’d brought!

all pictures are clickable for better viewing, and will open in a new window/tab.

 This sign is visible from all of the downtown area. They recently fixed the N, that had been out of order, so now it has a different hue.

20 Replies to “Howe now … Fort How?”

    1. Thank you, Cardinal … I was in awe when it happened — I’d never seen anything like that before. Not that behaviour, that is..

  1. Fantastic view of the city and port from the top! Interesting history of Fort Howe dating back to 1777 thanks for sharing Rebekah.

        1. Yes, and isn”t it extremely cool with this bar here in WP, with the notifications?! I love it 🙂

    1. Thank you, sweetie … I hope some little raccoon family would move in too — get some waste management up there 🙂

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