Fundy Fog

Foggy day at Lily Lake

We’re having a foggy morning. Not the thick, compact kind — it’s more like a white veil has covered the old North End of Saint John … the part that I happen to see from my vantage point.When the colder air out in the Bay of Fundy meets the warmer, inland temperatures, fog is forming and I’ve read somewhere that Saint John has approximately 70 fog days a year! Hot summer days, it can be such a relief to wake up to ‘pea soup’, if you don’t handle heat very well.

Too early for that type of days yet, but still … it’s nice with a fog day!


Everything seems to be ‘quieter’ … almost ethereal. At night, when the fog is thick, it’s almost hauntingly mystical … when you only see the glow of the street lights, in the best of cases.

Sometimes, we get ground fog, like in this picture. This is exactly the view I have, from where I’m sitting now, except that it’s daylight now.

One thing sticks out in my memory from our first visits here — before we moved to Saint John. We stayed in a hotel, and our view was overlooking the harbour. To see those, huge, cruise ships arriving or departing in fog … that made a great impression on me!

ImageSaint John fog has so many moods. The thin, morning fog often tends to ‘burn off’ with the heat of the midday sun.

I love the fog … I embrace it, but many people don’t, and move out of the city! I grew up with fog, and the only thing that’s missing is the sound of the foghorn! Gerry remembers it well — the foghorn of Saint John used to sit out on Partridge Island, and we had one back home in HΓ€rnΓΆsand too.

21 Replies to “Fundy Fog”

  1. Hi,
    What great photos of the fog. I also love fog, it makes the little part of the world you live in look so much different, and it is very quiet for some reason, like the world has shut down. πŸ™‚
    I love the video of the fog horn, isn’t it amazing what you can find on You Tube.

    1. It sure does!

      I actually started with Wikipedia, thinking perhaps I could find a sound clip there, but this was alright too πŸ™‚

  2. i love fog but we don’t get it much here. You photos are just awesome!!! Love them!!! We are quite cool today. Liking it. Maybe chance of some rain later. And for the next few days.

    1. Hej Julie, and thanks about the photos! Our fog dissipated and this day turned out to be absolutely glorious!

  3. Fog is so mysterious. In most moods I find it appealing, but sometimes it can be very frightening. I remember once driving over a mountain in North Carolina, strange territory,, and feeling like any moment we might plunge off the mountain — or off the edge of the known world.
    Your photos also bring to mind the paintings of JMW Turner —-

    1. Driving in fog is extremely frightening! Been there, done it.

      Just looked up Turner’s paintings. I knew the name before, but had never looked at one. I love them!!! Don’t think I can ever afford to buy one though LOL

  4. Fog does make everything seem ethereal and very mysterious. We don’t get much fog here in the sub-tropics, but I remember them when i lived in the UK. I love your photos, you captured it well, and I can almost ‘feel’ the fog!

    1. thank you, Barb. There was a radio station here in SJ, called CFBC, and people jokingly interpreted the abbreviation to: Canada’s Fog Bound City πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, that’s what I love about it too, C.B. …to walk in it, allowing myself to become totally enveloped by fog.

  5. Edinburgh, being near the sea, has this misty fog as well. I think it is lovely because of the way it veils even the most mundane scene and makes it mysterious.

    I like your ‘Foggy day at Lily Lake’ photo very much.

    1. Thank you, David, about the picture.
      I’d think you get fog there too! When I was in England — London in particular — I expected fog, but not one day [or night] did I see any πŸ™‚ I wanted to take a walk on the Embankment in fog … must have gotten that from some movie..

      1. I don’t recall every seeing fog in London either.

        I have seen old clips from a 1960s TV ad for ‘You are never alone with a Strand’ – which I think showed a man in a raincoat with the lapels turned up, smoking a Strand cigarette in the London fog.

        1. That’s exactly how my image was about London and fog, but I can’t possibly have seen that ad!

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