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We all have our habits or systems for how we read the blogs we’re subscribed to, I guess. Mine is that I have it set to receive them in my email. I have a filter in my Gmail, so they all go in to a folder of its own. I trot through this list of email most every day until that folder is clean and empty. Recently, I’ve felt that I’ve been through that list in no time, but I thought ‘oh well, it’s Easter and people have other things to do…’.

However, there’s one particular blog that I’ve had problems with on and off before and now I thought it was strange that she hadn’t been blogging for quite some time, so I went to her page. In the navigation bar at the top of the page, the «Following» was checked, but I had not received an  update for … I don’t know ..maybe two weeks.  Now that I saw the ‘Following’ was checked, I found it really intriguing. Went to http://subscribe.wordpress.com and my list there was very short — I couldn’t find her blog on that list, but there I found this LINK  and lo and behold!!! Most of my subscribtions had been set to deliver updates «Never»! Not all of them, mind you, some were set to «Immediately». I don’t have a clue how this has happened … I’ve never even been in that page before!

I have this eerie feeling though, that this coincides with the trouble they had with the commenting system … but that might be just that; a coincidence!

So … to all my blogging buddies here: I’m sorry — I’m really behind in commenting, and I don’t know whether I’ll be able to catch up or just start ‘from scratch’.

On a different note, I was looking at the ‘Freshly Pressed’ blogs, and saw one entitled «Painting Easter Eggs without the Eggs».  Two things struck me right away: 1. I haven’t had one egg this Easter! 2. I could paint Easter Eggs without eggs too, so I fired up Photoshop and made (not laid) an egg.

32 Replies to “empty inbox”

  1. And a lovely egg it is!!!

    I have been through all those back pages of WP. Too many times. Then I remember there is something I want to do or change but I can not remember where to find it. Very aggravating.

    Hope you had a great Easter. I never even had one Peep. Hard to buy them as I cannot eat but one or two at a time. Love them though!

    1. Thanks … it was fun, been a long time since I made anything.
      If I’d thought of it, I would have made some devilled eggs with shrimp and mayo … I like that.

  2. Hi,
    When I went on to the blogs this morning, I noticed WP has made more changes to the comment box, for anyone not familiar to the blogosphere I am guessing they could very easily not even see the comment box now. There have been no complaints about this new change, or none that I could see in the forums, so I’m wondering if it is only the people using IE browsers or if it has changed for everyone. 😦

    I love your egg, that is great I also like the colours that you chose as well. 😀

    1. What you say about the comment box, was just a feeling I had for a while …it didn’t even reach consciousness, until now when I’m reading your comment. But I don’t know where it was …could it be related to just one theme, do you think?! Is it smaller perhaps?

      Being me, the colour choice was very ….. different 😉

      1. It seems to be every blog, I also had a look in Firefox same thing, very small, as I said if you are not used to the blogosphere you wouldn’t really see it I don’t think.

        1. When I first read your comment, I went and looked at my own [in Chrome]. I do think it looks smaller … but I wasn’t sure, if it was only me. Isn’t that odd?! Don’t they usually announce changes they make?!

            1. Only the really big ones, perhaps. Did they announce that ‘eternal scrolling’? That caused quite the stir..

              1. No they didn’t announce that either, people found out about it as some visitors computers started to freeze up on their blogs, there are still a lot of people on dial up in certain countries.

                It is now rolled out on most blogs, your blog has infinite scrolling.

                1. yeah, I’ve noticed that… that I have it. Didn’t think of all the ones who are still on dial-up, but now that you mention it …that’s terrible!

                  I, myself, haven’t noticed any problems with that, but I have with people who have many widgets on their pages … that it freezes up, or get stuck on loading!

        2. Mags, I had a look at it again. It seems that not until you place the cursor in the box, all the login boxes and icon show?! They sort of ‘drop down’ as soon as you put the cursor in..

  3. Looks like WP is playing silly games again, but I’m glad you found out what was wrong. Better check mine!
    Love the egg – the colours are exhilarating!

    1. Barb,
      It was very strange, as not all were changed! Usually, if something’s gone wrong, they’re all GONE or all of them are changed.

      Easter is all over but there might be a few more eggs made 🙂

  4. I remember when you were on before that you done a lot of photoshot pictures. The egg is different.

    1. Thanks Barb, for stopping by! 🙂 Yeah, I did so much photoshopping/graphics before … I have hundreds of eggs stored away in Flickr!

  5. Love the egg. Sometimes I could not find the comment box on some blogs. Can’t remember which ones but I just thought maybe the blogger had set the blog to “no comments” or some such thing.
    I am so far behind in reading blogs, I think I will never catch up.

    1. Linda, that’s terrible if it is that way … that people can’t find the comments box at all! Commenting is the most vital part of the whole blogging!

      I don’t know that I will even try to catch up. When I’m this much behind, and I try to get back to everyone, I feel that I tend to hurry through the list, and that’s not good. I want to write comments that are … «real», not just ‘good blog’.

      1. I don’t like to rush through the blogs either. If I cannot say something meaningful then I am not pleased with myself at the end of the day. Sometimes, however, with all the beautiful, awesome, gorgeous photos the adjectives seem so reduntant. I wish there were a system to rate the photos, i.e. from 1-10 and one could just kinda place your vote. Perhaps there is “an app for that” 🙂

        1. On Fridays, when they have the photo challenge, I feel that way often; at loss for adjectives and superlatives. Also that I get like a parrot, repeating the same thing over and over again. Then I have to remind myself that they only see my comment once 🙂

    1. Phew! That’s a relief to hear …that I’m not alone! For a while I thought I’d somehow caused this myself, but that didn’t seem possible either.. 🙂

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