We used to have a hospital in my home town. Not so, any more. Bit by bit, it has shut down and the various clinics have been moved to the neighbouring town, which is much bigger. I think radiology is still there, but that must be just a matter of time. Instead, they have merged the three, out-patient-clinics [I used to work in one of them], and moved them in to a part of the old hospital.  That didn’t take up much space, so there’s plenty of vacant space.

The main lobby is still there, but there’s no sign of life … this used to be such a fine, little hospital … full of life and activity, we even had heart transplants performed there.

When I was home, last Fall, I went there, because my friend is working in the clinic that has moved in. I went in through the old, what used to be ‘main’ entrance because there was one thing I wanted to check out. For as long as I can remember … in the entrance hall, there’s been a painting on the wall that I was so in love with and I wanted to see if they’d removed that too. But no, what do you know … something was still the same! It was there, in the same place! I took a photo of it, so I’ll be able to enjoy it, albeit on a smaller scale.

23 thoughts on “wings

    1. Yes, maybe … but it’s owned by the county council. Were they to put it up for sale — which I doubt — so many people would want to buy it, it probably would become very expensive. The woman who painted it, died a few years ago.

  1. The detailing in the feathers are amazing. Not sure how to interpret the stones on the bottom… But it’s lovely. How big is the original painting?

    1. Her name was AnnaLena Sondell, she was from my town Härnösand, and passed away 2006, only 61 years of age..

  2. What an awesome painting!

    Sad to see buildings not being used. In Salina we had 2 hospitals. They merged. One them has been unused. Now they are tearing it down. It is a wonderful old building that could be used. Very sad. So they build a new ugly building and a parking lot.

    1. Here in SJ, they tore down the General Hospital when the built the Regional. They kept the dome though, and put it in a small park. I’ve only seen General Hospital in old photos..

      1. Nice they saved some of it. I have seen that done a couple of times. A school in Salina they saved the main part of it. And a church destroyed when a dam went in. Saved the steeple and put it in the cemetery.

  3. Hi,
    Oh I totally agree with you, it is a magnificent painting, it would indeed be sad if they took it away. Maybe you can get the photo blown up and framed, it would certainly look gorgeous hanging just about anywhere I feel.

    1. Yeah …I think you’re on to something — didn’t think of that! I have the original, high-resolution file..

  4. It’s a very beautiful painting and I’m so glad you took a photo of it. Does it have a name? I’d like to Google it!
    You should go with Mags’ suggestion and hang the finished picture on one of your walls at home, as a constant and thoughtful reminder of home.
    I like purpleborough’s delightful interpretation of the wings and the stones beneath them!

    1. When I get back, now in September, I’ll make a point of finding out more about it … whether it has a name/title and if she wrote anything about it … If my SIL has gotten herself a tripod, I’ll take a better picture and perhaps I can even print it.. 🙂

  5. That is a very unusual painting, but interesting. I’m sorry your hospital was forced to close. I think there will be a lot more closings in the near future, too. So don’t feel alone. So sad, too. 😦

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