easter decorations

I could just as well have entitled this post  «I Love Wikipedia». Sitting around here this morning, thinking about how traditions are different in ‘my two countries’. We didn’t have any Easter Bunnies when I was a kid, growing up in Sweden, and no egg hunt. We did have some ancient traditions derived from the times of witches. Little kids dress up, paint their faces and walk around the neighbourhood asking for candy … a little bit like Hallowe’en here.

One thing that I never see here is the down. Almost everyone back home would bring in twigs of birch and decorate it, and here’s where Wikipedia comes in handy. I don’t have any photos of my own Easter decorations and there’s no way I could get one … but wouldn’t you know — Wikipedia to the rescue. I found exactly what I wanted.

Most people would decorate with down in many different colours, but I always had just yellow, so this could very well have been my own picture. They hang little eggs also, miniature eggs that are painted.

According to old Swedish folklore, on this Thursday, all the witches travelled to a place called Blåkulla …  a broom was the mode of travelling (!), and a black cat as a companion together with a kettle, hanging on the broom stick.

Instead of writing up a post about Swedish Easter traditions — which would be redundant — there are already so many of them — I was trying to remember my own childhood Easters. We always had fish on Good Friday. This was also a day when everything came to a grinding halt. Nothing was open … and I mean nothing! It was ‘worse’ than Christmas Day. You could not go anywhere, and when I tried to complain to my Mother, I always got an ear full about what it was like when she was a kid: how she had to wear a big, black bow in her hair. Mom was born 1913, so things were a little different then, for sure.

Nowadays, certain grocery stores and convenience stores are open on Good Friday. Things change…

What’s mostly associated with Easter for me, personally, is eggs and the colour yellow.

Happy Easter and …

15 thoughts on “easter decorations

  1. purpleborough

    Times have changed…I have a smaller witch like that for Halloween and this brought a laugh to see a witch in connection with Easter.
    After becoming Catholic, we observed Good Friday, eating fish and doing nothing….as you said “grinding down to a halt”. Easter brought out all the little girls dressed in their Easter finery….new shoes, hats, dresses, etc.
    Had almost forgotten about the pretty little dresses my mom made me.
    Thank you for sharing your childhood memories.

    1. reb

      When did you become a Catholic? Has it been a long time?

      I forgot about the daffodils. Here the white Easter Lilies, come out in droves in the grocery stores and all … We don’t have them — the Daffodil is what corresponds in our case..

      1. purpleborough

        Catholic…a very long time….1961….with husband #1…the only one I count because of the two children.

        Yes, I always bought my mom an Easter Lily because she loved flowers…I tried to give them to her while she was alive.

  2. orples

    Are you sure you’re not confusing Easter with Halloween? Is that Nancy Pelosi wedged up against the tree? LOL … sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    1. reb

      Ha! No, and now we have both … Hallowe’en wasn’t around in Sweden when I was a kid..

  3. Juliana

    Easter for me was getting a new Easter dress, complete with a hat and gloves. Rarely see kids dressed up like that now. We had Easter candy eggs but never did real eggs. We always went to church. Do not remember going to church on Good Friday. There was never a big Easter dinner. Mom always sang in the Messiah Chorus so no family dinner. Some churches here have sunrise services somewhere outside. Mine never did or we never went.

    1. reb

      I’ve had gloves, but never hat. Mom wasn’t much of a church goer either, so we never went for Easter. That sunrise service sounds kind of cool 🙂

  4. quotidianhudsonriver

    I’m not going to argue politics with orples on your blog except to say that looks an awful lot like a Sarah Palin/Rick Santorum maneuver.
    When Abigail was young we used to do an Easter Egg hunt in Riverside Park. We would organize it for the building and I would go out and clean up a hill and hide eggs. We would bring out food and just have a party while the kids hunted. Being NYC at least 50% of our guests were Jewish and we likely had been at a Seder at several of their houses the week before. This year, we may go up to The Cloisters and watch all the families in their Easter finery…
    As a kid we celebrated both Easters. My father’s family is RC and my mother’s family is Eastern Orthodox. We would egg and treasure hunt on western Easter and go to Grandma’s house on eastern Easter.

    1. reb


      That’s lovely with the multicultural part. Quite often, it coincides, like this year..

  5. magsx2

    Easter for me was always running around the yard looking for the eggs with a little basket, and in the lounge-room there was an Easter Bunny nearly as big as me with some lovely wrapped eyes right in front of him. 🙂
    A very Happy Easter to you and your family.

    1. reb

      …and a very happy Easter to you and yours, Mags! 🙂

      I must try and find out if not the Easter Bunny has made it to Sweden yet …it would be strange if he hasn’t LOL

  6. Crowing Crone Joss

    I seem to remember that in France we put nests we made in the tree out back and they got filled with eggs – not candy though. It’s a holiday I’ve never really celebrated even when my kids were growing up. other than going to church on Friday and Sunday and I haven’t done that in many years.

    1. reb

      We didn’t go to church either… I really don’t know what we did, except the decorations and the L O N G Good Friday 🙂

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