The blue background of this box is International Klein Blue [IKB].

Yves Klein was a French artist, who, with the help of chemists managed to create exactly the blue that he wanted to convey in his work, using ultramarine pigment suspended in a synthetic resin ‘Rhodopas’.

IKB has its own HTML code: #002FA7.

Link to some of his work.

I like this colour. Always liked ultramarine. Heard, many years ago, that Klein had patented the method of making IKB, but in my readings now I find that wasn’t the case. I could understand Klein if he wanted it patented, because I find great pleasure myself, when I’ve found a colour exactly the hue I like.

When Google Translation was new, I decided to give it a go, and pasted in a German article about Klein, that I was interested it. I know German so I chose «German to English» in the translation tool. It all turned out confusing, as the guy’s name was Klein [klein, meaning small in German], and it translated that too. Everywhere, where his name was mentioned was either ‘little’ or ‘small’ … sometimes it turned out really hilarious.

To many people, the HTML colour code I wrote here above, would mean nothing. Writing HTML [and CSS, up  to a point] code used to be one of my interests in the early days of the Internet. Layout, fonts … colours and shapes — those were things that could make me stop and really admire a web page. Still do, but now I realise I’ve lost the grip. The simple table with its blue background, took me quite a while!

The idea to write this blog, came to me …out of the blue [pun intended].

27 thoughts on “IKB

  1. Hi,
    It is a very nice colour, a very nice blue indeed.
    I only know a bit of HTML, just the basics really and absolutely nothing about CSS, the HTML is self taught when I first started on the internet, like most people, but I never really got into CSS.

    1. Hi Mags,
      I’m self taught too, but like with most things I do, I got totally obsessed with it… it was the funniest thing I’d found in a long time. CSS came into play, then I was away from it for a while and totally lost the grip. One must stay on top of the game all the time, I guess — everything happens so fast.

  2. You know I was never any good in HTML but did do a little bit in 360? Or was in Multiply? I have completely forgotten everything! I remember asking you lots of questions and I had lists all over the place with color numbers and etc. I spent hours reading codes and trying to figure it out. I never got anywhere near you. If I had to change my Multiply page right now……I probably couldn’t do it. I remember the time I was doing the running Marque. Have no idea now.

    1. gawd Cindy …it was both! It was Multiply that made me lose it. I was so angry, I wrote to them [Multiply], and the only answer I got was «Multiply works best in FireFox»! It was then I left … didn’t like that idea of being part of a blogging platform which didn’t work with all, major browsers. I still haven an account there, to be able to comment on other people’s blogs.

      Oh, I remember that marquee thingy! We were all so impressed by animated stuff back then 🙂 It feels like a very long time ago, but it has only been six years!

    1. I think it was in Geocities [that Yahoo bought later] 1997, someone told me that in order to get this or that, I had to use HTML. When I found out that it existed, and what could be done, I was hooked 🙂

  3. I can’t imagine how you could actually Paton a color… the process maybe, but it seems like that would drive the price of the clothing up to cover the cost of purchasing a Paton. From what I understand, they are rather expensive. I’d rather pay less for the garment, and chance a little color variance in the final product ( from the consumers point of view). Of course it Calvin’s business. … so… I guess he’s the one calling the shots.

    1. I don’t think I was very clear in this post. This has nothing to do with Calvin Klein …. this artist’s name was Yves Klein and he was all about colour — not clothes. The patent would have been about the process of creating this particular colour 🙂

      1. I’m tired right now, Rebekah, so I probably misunderstood. I was thinking Calvin Klein because of his jeans. I did understand the process was what was was to be patented. Still, it sounds like an expensive endeavor to undertake. I probably would be better off trying to communicate in the A.M. Sorry about the confusion.

      1. :-)) In this case, PMS stands for Pantone Matching System, the colour system used for printing purposes (like CMYK) the same way as RGB is used for the web…

  4. Whoa! Technical expertise like fireworks going off around here!
    I am mightily impressed, but after the bangs, left in the same darkness where i came in.
    HTML indeed!!!!!

  5. Kleins work is amazing! Thanks for sharing Rebekah.
    I find Google Translate very challenging.
    Great blog you have. Looking forward seeing more great posts here 🙂

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