the tide rises the tide falls

The other day, I read a news article about shoplifting. It said that the most commonly stolen article was the laundry detergent Tide. Not Gain, not Sunlight … TIDE. I mentioned this to Gerry, after I’d read it … we laughed a little, wondering how they manage to conceal those big, orange bottles. After that I went to Facebook. Lo and behold … the first ad I see there in the right column is an ad for TIDE! With picture and all, big orange bottle. I burst out laughing. A day later, we were talking about travelling and vacations … someone we know had just been to Costa Rica. This time, Gerry went in to his Facebook account and there were ads for tourism Costa Rica. Then we seriously started to wonder if the apartment is bugged?! *LOL*

All joking aside, when I was a little kid, I read childrens books by a British author named Enid Blyton. I don’t know if those books ever really made it to North America, but back home they were immensely popular. They were about five young friends, solving crimes and all kinds of adventures. One thing that I remember was that they always had to watch out for the tide, when they were exploring caves and such. I was little, we don’t have tidal waters in Sweden [maybe a little on the west coast], so I had no idea what it really was like. In my imagination, I saw tidal waves like tsunamis!

When I met Gerry online — he was born here in Saint John — I heard and learned a lot about tide, since the Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world. I often mention the Reversing Falls here in my blog, and before we visited here the first time … while we still were living in Quebec … I had a totally different, imaginary picture of those falls. For my inner vision I saw waterfalls, with water running up and down. Also … when we finally got here, it took me a while to fully grasp the concept of  ‘reversing’ and the fact that they aren’t really falls — more like rapids.

I’m not going to go into any scientific explanation of tides but I shot two videos … the quality of them is really lousy — they are my first two videos! In the first, you see tide rolling IN, and in the second, subsequently, tide running OUT. In between those two states, there’s an about twenty minutes long period of, what’s called, slack tide … when nothing seems to happen and the water is calm. I can only imagine, all the tourists they take there from the cruise ships, bus loads of people, who happen to arrive there at slack tide! They won’t get it!

One night, we happened to arrive there, at the Falls, at slack tide and here you can see how calm the water is …

20 Replies to “the tide rises the tide falls”

  1. Hi,
    The videos were great, I can’t get over the force the water is traveling at, and the fact that force actually goes both ways, I am astounded by this, I would love the know about the physics of how this actually works very interesting.

    I have never tried to do a video yet, one day I will play around and see if I can do it, I think you did a very good job with the video, it showed exactly what it was meant to well done. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Mags …for your kind words. I feel that video will never be ‘my thing’, but I wanted to show the concept …of how it’s flowing in and out. Now, while replying to your comment, I found this page [], that I actually hadn’t seen myself before… it explains a great deal about the tides here..

  2. Sometimes it is scary how the ads match things in our lives. i have wondered if my home, car, etc. are bugged.

    Great photos!!

  3. A great post, I remember Enid Blyton, was she the writer of the Famous Five ? cos it sounds like the same storys I read, thanks for sharing a childhood memory
    Aussie Ian

    1. Yes, that was it! ‘The Famous Five’… I really enjoyed those book, there was a whole series of them..

      Thank you, for taking time out to comment 🙂

  4. I couldn’t resist your cat avatar – knew I had to like anybody who had one like that!
    Enid Blyton has now delighted three generations of our family. The three-year-old loves Noddy, and also Bimbo and Topsy. The Famous Five and Adventure ones are still to come, for her.
    Strange to think of a place where tides don’t feature much. I have always had to consider them, but more when I lived in the Cape Province than I do now in Natal – the Cape has the high cliffs which can trap one.
    Those reversing rapids are quite amazing!

    1. Hi and thanks for stopping by … wow, South Africa! How nice it is, with the world so connected through the Web. My user-ID here in WordPress is ‘Coolfeline’, so I put in the cat.
      Yeah ..I remembered that there was another series, apart from the Famous Five, but I’d forgotten what it was called …until now! The Adventure ones …they were a little thicker, I recall.

      1. Yes, aimed at the slightly older child. They were my absolute favourites. I try and write my own to give as much fun, in a different way of course.

  5. Those videos are terrifying! They are more like real tsunamis than the beautiful Japanese print of The Great Wave. That’s dramatic, but this is the real thing. The videos of the actual tsunami last year were different only in being unbounded and unconfined, without limits. This is on a small scale and limited — but the force and power are there. I think you did a great job.

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