what kind of music do you listen to?

Wanted to find a topic tonigiht, so I went to Plinky and read a lot of prompts. I’ve never really done that before, but I see now that you can get a lot of ideas from it. There were some where just the thought of writing about it made me smile — it could have been a little ……. outrageous.

This music topic, though, is easy to answer: Country & Western.

Before I moved to Canada, I listened to all kinds of pop and rock. Radio Sweden is state owned, but there are also oodles of commercial channels — even more so now, than it was back in 2004. In spite of that, I only listened to one, state owned channel. I turned it on when I got up in the morning, and if it was a weekend, it stayed on more or less all the time. They played popular music mixed with news every half hour. That way I got fed with world news and music all the time … sometimes it was subconsciously — I didn’t pay full attention to it all the time, but somehow I remembered the names, even sports!

Then I moved to Quebec, and I wanted the radio on while I was doing stuff in the kitchen. They, too, had lots of commercial channels, but they were all in French, the music too. There was one, English-speaking, channel … CBC Radio One, and they had something called The Quebec Community Network. It was really good, they had all kinds of interesting programmes, especially on Saturdays, but very little music.

One time, when we were travelling to Bar Harbor, ME … while Gerry was in a motel office, negotiating the price of a room, I turned on the car radio. It was a C&W station. I thought that was so extremely cool!!! A whole radio station for a certain genre of music! “My” radio back home, played music from all over the world, but mainly (95%) English language.

Soooo … when we moved here, to Saint John, NB, I turned on the radio … it just so happened that the first station I found was Country94.ca or CHSJ. Country music all the time and excellent local news. It’s the best source of local news I’ve found so far. I like it and I just never changed channel! They have a Facebook page [of course], which they update with news and that’s great. The newspaper here doesn’t say much about Saint John.

We don’t get Spotify here in Canada so whatever other music I listen to, I go to YouTube. I have lost the grip of what’s going on in the rest of the music world, but I don’t mind C&W. I think I have it in my veins since I was a kid … my brother, who is ten years older than I, was a huge fan of Johnny Cash so he is one of my first music memories. My brother always gave me a record for Christmas and birthday, when I was little, and those could be with artists like Gordon Lightfoot, Burl Ives or Don Partridge … those are three names that come to mind, right off the bat.

My favourite group right now is Zac Brown Band.

30 Replies to “what kind of music do you listen to?”

  1. I never listen to the radio. If I do it would be rock, oldies, or classical, never country. Not much choice in Kansas. I would prefer jazz. If I want to listen to music I use my iPad. Then I listen to music from Sting, The REal Group, Peter, Paul, and Mary, Swedish folk music. Sometimes at work I use Pandora on the computer to listen to music.

    1. Pandora is another thing that’s not available to us here in Canada.
      I’ve never gotten used to wearing ear phones — it’s just a matter of habit, but that’s the way it is. So, I don’t own an iPad or any of the likes.
      Jazz is not my kettle of fish, but all the other ones you mentioned..

      1. I never use earphones with my iPod. I hook it up to my car speakers. Nice for traveling. Especially when you get to an area with little radio stations. And I can listen to my music. And I have a dock I can take to work to listen also.

        1. Yeah, of course … didn’t think of that! That’s great … and I see that I wrote iPad instead of iPod! I DO know the difference, though LOL

  2. I have been thinking about this subject a lot lately. I love music and I love all kinds. Growing up in South Texas it was mostly Country. Elvis was really popular then and I liked him….but……would always go back to Country. As I have aged, it is all kinds of music. EVERYTHING! Everybody from Ill Divo to even, some Hip Hop.

    One of my favorite features on my iPhone is the iPod part of it. Have lots of music on it and with the earphones I sounds so good. I also have Pandora on my phone.

    Even though I liked Country growing up, my parents played records of all kinds even Dave Brubeck. Music was always flowing through the house and I kept the radio all night in my bedroom.

    What a sad world it would be without music.
    : >)

    1. Same here, I like most all kinds of music … I remember enjoying Twisted Sisters’ with “We’re not gonna take it” 🙂 just to mention one that was a little out of the usual.

      Like I said in the other comment, Pandora is not available here. While I was home last Fall, I used Spotify all the time, and came to enjoy that a lot! Especially how you can share with your FB friends, and discover new stuff through them.

      Yes! It would be an extremely sad world without music!!!

  3. Music has been with me all my Life…My Father being a Cantor sang alot & I loved to listen to him sing…I also loved to listen to Classical singers & even Opera (altho’ most of it is over my head). My Father listened to alot of symphonies so i grew up loving that kind of music. There was alot of country music about …..I only liked Johnny Cash (who I met in 1980).
    I also loved Nat King Cole & alot of the pre Soul singers back in late 50’s & early 60’s.
    Then when i was 11 years old I discovered Paul Revere & the Raiders featuring Mark Lindsay & my own love of music was born…I discovered The Door, Led Zepplin & Alice Cooper….
    I now listen to SEAL, The Police, Nickleback, Bob Marley, Theory of a Deadman, the list is endless…
    I love Disco & the 80’s music….anything with a good beat & good lyrics gets my attention….
    Our stations here play a weird assortment of music…i don’t do rap or this dancey stuff, so channel sruf alot…LOVE music….it brings such joy into my Life….even NYLABLUE loves music: her favorite song is
    “Lady Blue” by Leon Russell….this cat has great taste!!!!!!

    1. Oh my …wonderful! You MET Johnny Cash?!
      This brought to mind a lot of stuff. This post might have implied that I’m only a C&W person. I loved Nat King Cole, owned several albums with him. Later Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins … Elton John were amongst my favourites. I could just go on and on…

      1. Hi Rebby: Yes it was in August of 2000 in Hamilton, Ontario. He & June Carter were on tour & going to give a concert that night. They actually held a outdoors receiving line for the fans in the afternoon! So I got all dressed up & went with my hubby at the time (#2) to meet the Cashs’. It was absolutely fabulous!!! When I was in front of Johnny Cash I shook his hand but I lost my voice….I was speechless!!!! He was so good natured about it all…..I moved on to June Carter & I shook her hand & we started chatting like old friends….it was so odd! When Johnny spoke to me again I could not speak, so I replied to June Carter & we all laughed.. She & I talked about long hair & what we did to keep it healthy; it was like 2 girlfriends exchanging beauty tips!! Fancy that!! Me talking with a star about hair??!!!
        I also told her & Johnny this was the first time in my life iI was ever speechless!!!! it was one of the best days of my Life!!! Johnny real was “The Man in Black”…tall, handsome, rugged, polite, spiritual…..June Carter was a real Southern gal & so adorable!!! What a great couple they were!!!! ❤

        1. Oh Sherri Ellen!!! What a fabulous memory to have!!! So precious! Funny how we connect immediately with certain people!

  4. It all just depends on my mood. I love most types of music (except Opera and Free Jazz) but I suppose my Desert island Discs would lean heavily towards Alt and Roots Country, Psychedelia, Modern Folk/Folk Rock/Country Rock (the genres flow together), Hip Hop, Blues, and World especially Fado, Arabic Pop and Celtic.
    Better be a big island…

    1. Yes, it better be a big island! 🙂
      I’ve never had the pleasure of listening to Fado. I’ve been told it’s very sad. Jazz is not my thing, but I met Red Mitchell in person one month before he died.
      I had a real favourite rock group «Rock Pile» — they played real, traditional rock, but unfortunately they are no more. Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds both made solo careers.. [from England].

  5. I have a speaker dock for my phone and its
    pretty good sound if I’m not able to use
    the earphones. The sound itself, without any speakers is not too bad. I also have a built in CD player in my RV and of course CD player
    And radio in my truck. I’m covered! LOL

    1. I have a radio in the kitchen, and in the daytime I use the radio that’s in the TV 🙂

      It’s a little annoying, though, with good stuff that’s only available in the US *LOL*

  6. If you like fun country, you should check out ‘Confederate Railroad’ or ‘Diamond Rio’. Both older bands, but they will put a smile on your face and offer lots of variety.

    Confederate Railroad . When you leave that way

    (the acoustics are a lot better on CD, but this really is an awesome song)

    Confederate Railroad . Trashy Women

    Diamond Rio . Norma Jean Riley

    1. Orples,
      Thank you for posting these! I didn’t know about them but now that I’ve listened, I most definitely will check them out! Good stuff!!!

      1. Those two bands are just FUN. I’ve seen both in concert and spoken with Danny Shirley, the lead singer for Confederate Railroad, in person. He is very humorous and laid back. Their CD’s are much clearer than the video links from live concerts. I highly recommend both bands. 🙂

  7. I have two…anything 80s, and Hawaiian. I love to listen to Hawaiian 105 KINE radio, which streams online. 🙂 unusual, perhaps…but it appeals to me. The more traditional style, the better, although I love anything that sounds happy. 🙂

    Try this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tINa7gs2xDE

    My favorite group, Waipuna, using chant in their newest song, Kamehameha Trilogy. See what you think. Aloha!

    1. That’s understandable, Karina, since you’re from there.
      I went and listened to the link and I really liked what I heard! Had I not known, I’m not so sure I would have been able to pin-point Hawaii though. Beautiful music … a delight to listen to!

      1. Waipuna’s music is all like that–sometimes it’s slower and more soulful, but the faster pieces all sound happy. Nothing angry about it. That’s a nice change from the Gangsta rap and nonsense I do NOT like on the radio.

  8. Hi,
    I like all kinds of music, I love listening to radio stations that play music from the 70’s through to the 90’s mostly, However I do not like heavy metal music, a bit too much for my tastes, even when I was younger. 🙂

    1. Hi Mags,
      No, heavy metal was never for me either! I’m a more ‘ballad sort of person’.

      Sometimes I can hear a song I’d never heard before and immediately tell that I like it a lot. Others … I have to listen to many times..

  9. I’m not much of radio fan, but I listen to just about anything as long as its good. I make it a point to buy music in all the places I travel so I have a pretty eclectic collection. Basically, I have a song for every possible mood I could be in. 🙂

    1. That a real good idea, CB — to buy one in every place! So many songs I can remember exactly where I was, and what mood I was in when I first heard it..

      I can remember precisely where I was the first time I heard Stevie Wonder’s «I just called to say I love you» … it was background music in a department store, and I just knew immediately that that song had to become a huge hit …and it did, as we all know 😉

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