food sampling

We go to Costco almost once a week for certain items. We did that while in Quebec too, where they had three or four Costco:s. It’s a wholesale chain store, and everything comes in huge packages. About a year and a half ago, they opened here in Saint John too. They all look the same, so it doesn’t matter where you are … you’d always find your way around.

There are always little kiosks or counters around the store with food sampling. More or less. Fridays there are many more than … say, Monday.

For me, this is both good and bad. Good; because I get to try stuff that I normally wouldn’t come across. Bad, because in Costco was the first time I tried North American cheese cake! That was in Quebec, I thought it just looked like any cake with berries and cream on it, but they said cheese cake.

Where I come from … which is Sweden, as you probably well know by now … cheese cake is something entirely different. Please, check the link to read what Wikipedia has to say about it. It’s more like a dish … food, than a dessert.

Anyway, I tasted this American Cheese cake in Costco and I was hooked — it was sinful! We hardly went to Costco once without coming out of there with a cheese cake. Then we moved. Here was no Costco and I thought I was free of my ‘addiction’ … until they opened! What was almost worse, was that I found another cheese cake in the local grocery store here below where we live! It was easier accessible and I ate it until my Dr. told me my cholesterol was slightly elevated! That was the only cause I could see … they point out on the package that it’s made with real  [whatever un-real cream is?!] cream.

It’s not all bad … I’ve found other good stuff … little pita crackers with garlic taste and hummus … just to mention a few. Before Christmas they had those heavenly Guylian chocolate from Belgium. They came in packages of four boxes! I’d just finished box number 4 not long ago, when they had a sale on them so now I have four new boxes! Guess my will-power wasn’t very strong that day.

I have one here beside me, but I’ve made an agreement with myself, never to eat more than three a day. That’s bad enough … I’d probably have to walk up these nine flights of stairs several times in order to get rid of it, but at least I’m not overweight [right now LOL].


23 thoughts on “food sampling

  1. magsx2

    OMG, Sea Shells, that is beyond cruel to put such a gorgeous photo of them in your post, and at the bottom of the post, so even while I am typing they are staring at me, yes very cruel indeed, have you no heart!

    Sounds like really nice cheesecakes, I know in a way it’s not good, but still when we really find something like this that we like it is very hard to stay away from them. Like Sea Shell chocolates. 😀

    1. Rebekah

      LOL …and I have the real thing right beside me!
      I think I’m the type of person who tend to go overboard with everything I do, nothing half-heartedly here … eating cheese cake included. I ate it every night!!!

  2. Juliana

    I so wish we had a Costco. Closest one I know of is Denver. Why not Kansas? Sam’s is sort of close. I rarely go there,. Don’t like Walmart at all and Sam’s is part of them.

    I love cheesecake. We have mixes so you can make your own. Never made one from scratch but have a friend who does.

    Never heard of that candy. We have lots of Swedish candy here. I like several.

    1. Rebekah

      Does anyone, there where you live, make Swedish cheese cake [ostkaka]? Or did you mean that the mix was for the Swedish type? It’s really good … as a little lunch, with lingonberry sauce on it.
      The Belgian chocolate is heavenly.

      1. Juliana

        Many ladies in town make ostkaka. Love it!! Our grocery store also has it frozen to buy and it is good. And of course we have lingon and whipped cream on it. The mix is for the American version,.

  3. orples

    I used to give my oldest son a cheesecake instead of a birthday cake, he loved it so much. I too am a lush when it comes to a good cheesecake. It’s just a crying shame they land so hard. Bummer. Why can’t something so delectable come without calories?

    1. Rebekah

      I don’t know … it’s always like that with everything! Everything I really like is fattening … like mayo, French fries … you name it.

      1. orples

        The up side to getting older is that you get less vain. Sometimes, I just let go and indulge. You can’t always say ‘no’ to the sins of life. I could go for a piece of cheesecake right now, now that I think about it. 😉

        1. Rebekah

          Oh I do that VERY often … and if I’d had one here now, I’d eat it …but I’ll go to sleep instead 😉

          1. orples

            Ditto here. Oh well, at least our jeans will fit in the morning. I guess there’s a silver lining to every sad situation. LOL. Sleep tight. 😉

  4. David Bennett

    I guess the food manufacturers have figured out that we are very suggestible when it comes to food.

    I expect everyone who reads your article will be drooling. Or mentally working out when they will be heading for the kitchen or the cake shop…

    1. Rebekah

      Oh yeah … they sure have!

      One should always go there after supper… but we’re going there right now. It’s Monday, won’t be too much stuff there, though..

  5. Suz

    This made me giggle. I guess even the people with the super powers if control have some type of food they can not resist.

    1. Rebekah

      Yeah, I think everyone has something … I’m off the cheesecake for now though 🙂

      Had to go to Costco today, but there was very little stuff … only had some kind of Spring roll ..

  6. Touch2Touch

    I read this post and the comments with much interest, but no temptation.
    It must be extreme old age — but things that are very rich, like American style cheese cake, don’t tempt me any more. Odd, but helpful.
    When it comes to chocolate, one of the major food groups, it also helps that I won’t touch milk chocolate or white chocolate (not really chocolate), so that cuts out a lot of temptation. Then I’ve gotten very picky about WHICH chocolate is really really good, and I won’t eat any others. So that cuts off more temptation. I’m left with my one nightly Lindor truffle, which I look forward to and savor. That can’t be too many inches on my hips, can it?
    So the only advice I can give, I suppose, is to become cranky and picky and snobby. It makes you not such an agreeable person, but it certainly helps to keep the weight under control.

    1. Rebekah

      Good for you! I have nothing against Lindor either, but have you even tried these Guylian from Belgium?

      I do have a few Lindor truffle in the fridge I just remembered.

      My husband thinks I’m a very picky eater.. and coffee I’m even more picky about.


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