A Cedar Tree grew in Millidgeville

I had some kind of idea of a subject, when I started looking for a photo in my folders. In fact, that’s a very bad thing to do, because you get totally lost in memories. Even though I’ve shot so many, I almost always remember when and where.  But then again … it’s only been three years since I started. Would be more amazing if I’d been shooting for twenty years, and still remembered when/where [without looking at the tags]. There was one, though, where I had to stop and think — wondering where the heck I was when I took it, because you could see both the regional hospital and a big condo building in the same shot, but it only took a moment until I remembered.

I had to stop, because normally you wouldn’t see those two buildings at the same time … they’re far away from each other, and that was the reason I stopped to shoot it.

This tree, however, could easily have made it to last week’s photo challenge, «Distorted», had I recalled that I had it. I have no idea as for why I shot it, but I think it was Gerry who wanted it.

Yesterday, it was so windy here that the weather guys had put up a big, red wind warning, and boy was it ever howling last night! Now I woke up to some nasty mix of rain and snow … mostly rain, but it’s quickly moving away.

My morning coffee is finished, I still have the original idea for a post stored away for another morning, and I’ll just move on with my day … waiting to see what the WP-team will come up with in the way of photo challenge today.

This is what I meant with my post, the other day, how I admire all of you guys who comment on these posts … you are my heroes. Somehow, I must have a knack for writing about nothing at all … this post just took me a minute or two, to type up and I could easily go on writing now about how I did nothing at all yesterday or something like that *LOL*, but I’ll hold myself back and have some breakfast instead.

7 thoughts on “again

  1. Gorgeous cedar tree. I imagine it is home to quite a bit of wildlife. Your photo really brings out the colors and textures in it.

  2. I agree…….the textures and the shadows are stunning.
    You know about 3 months ago my son left his big new camera with me. I have never used it. Guess I should attempt to. It’s cloudy today but maybe soon I will out.
    Have a good day!

  3. Hi,
    I love the photo of the tree it is very unusual the way the trunk is growing.
    I had to have a smile about the amount of time it took you to do your post, it takes me hours sometimes, depending of course, the research alone can take up to an hour on some, But I must also say that I enjoy the research the most, as you always learn something new. 😀

    You don’t want to know how long it takes for me to do the weekend jokes. 😆

    1. It IS interesting … in this picture, there’s a lot of greenery around, but it actually grows right out of a rock, somehow!

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