A few of you might remember a post I wrote back in January — how we’d started to feed a crow peanuts, down in an area called Indiantown.

That is getting funnier by the day. It’s actually amazing! The other day, we drove down there — this is almost always around lunch hour, and another car was already parked there. That car was similar colour and size as ours. The crow wasn’t there when we arrived, but it didn’t take long until he flew in. He didn’t pay attention at all to the other car.

This time, we didn’t throw out any peanut. We just hung around for a while, backed out and started driving away. The crow flew up and placed itself in front of our car and jumped around there! We were being hi-jacked! By a crow!!! It was like he wanted to say Β«Hey … I’m HERE … didn’t you SEE me?!Β» I threw out a peanut and we drove away.

Today, he got a few, but I think he wanted more, because when we drove away, he was flying just above the car for a bit! Quit the little friend we’ve got there!

21 Replies to “friendly”

  1. Oh Rebby: What a great story!!! Crows are much smarter than alot of people think & their sight is amazing!! this boy KNOWS your car & he knows you are friends…I say bring more peanuts, lol….have you given him a name?? He is such a handsome fellow….:)

    1. Peter!

      We always keep a bag in the trunk of the car…at first it was for blue jays and squirrels, but now also … Peter πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah, when he started sort of, jumping up and down, in front of the car … that was one of those times you really wished you’d had a video camera..

  2. He knows you alright! He knows you feed him, in fact, he is demanding to be fed! Clever crow – they are quite intelligent you know.

    1. They are indeed! He could tell the difference between these two, very similar-looking, cars too!

  3. Thanks for this post. People should get to know at last: birds are smart! πŸ™‚
    Have you ever seen for example, how rooks deal with crushing the wallnuts’ shells?

    1. Thank you!
      I’ve seen several methods — the funniest was when the city crows put them out on the busy road, allowing the cars to crush them! They quickly jumped away when the cars came, then they picked them up! πŸ™‚

  4. How cool and too funny how it wanted your attention when you were trying to leave before giving something to it LOL

    1. Yeah, that was too funny … how he didn’t care about the other car! It looked just Β«didn’t you SEE ME??Β»

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