all of you

Yesterday morning, I wanted to write a blog. Didn’t have any ideas pressing on my mind, but still wanted to write. I thought; perhaps I can take a look at what pictures I shot one year ago. Went to my Flickr album, looked up the date. They were all ducks and squirrels.

Then I went back in my blog of last year to see what I wrote about … thinking perhaps I could do one of those re-postings. Β No way … it was so boring I almost fell asleep … I read several days around the date too.

The thing was, these posts had received comments! That was the only thing that was striking about the whole thing. I think, had it been me, I’d hit Like and moved on quickly.

I honestly don’t know where I’m going with all this — I used to think it could be fun to have and be able to go back and read, but now I’m not so sure any more. The only thing I’m sure of is that you all, who comment on this blog deserve some big award of some sort!

Today a train had de-railed here in the city. Twelve wagons derailed, whereof four had tipped over. Right beside that bird place in Marsh Creek, so I took a picture. A lot of potash spilled out, but nobody was hurt in any way.

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  1. Hi,
    It sure did make a bit of a mess, it was very lucky that nobody was hurt, things always seem to happen in a split second.

    I have always enjoyed your posts, whether it was duck, squirrels, or your wonderful holiday. Being an animal lover myself I have really liked all your photos of the wonderful animals around you. πŸ˜€

    1. It looked messy, Mags … they have their work lined up for them.

      Well, thank you, about the blogs. I’m glad to hear that … I didn’t feel that way myself yesterday πŸ™‚ guess some days are just like that…

  2. Sounds like you are having a ‘down’ day Rebekah . . .don’t doubt yourself, you have written some fantastic posts over the past year that I’ve been coming to your blog, and your photos of wildlife have been pretty awesome. You bring a lot of pleasure to a lot of us.
    It’s like this photo of the train de-railment – you took the time to go and take a picture of it, and to post about it. That’s what we love about you, to expect anything – but whatever it is, it’s always interesting!

    1. Every now and then it gets like that … when I saw both my Flickr and the blog … yes, I was downed a bit there. I felt like I wasn’t progressing … that it wasn’t okay, that I had to move on somehow.. At least I like what I’m doing many people have miserable lives.

      What I wanted to express, was how much I appreciate you guys! I don’t think one could go on blogging if no one ever said a beep πŸ™‚ It’s the interaction that makes it so much fun!

  3. lol, lol …

    I wanted to hit like here. It asked me to log in. I entered the information for Blogger …. (oops πŸ˜‰

    Had to look it up in my *secret* file, for WordPress!

    Now that I’ve managed to do that, I think I’ll comment as well. (groan)

    Looks like a nasty accident. Thank goodness there weren’t any passenger cars involved!

    take care,


    1. Well, thank you for going through that hassle, Raenie! It was good to see you here πŸ™‚

      There aren’t any passenger trains here..

  4. Hey, it’s life! That means it’s good, and it’s bad, and it’s indifferent, and it’s weird, and it’s — whatever. But you’re not really going to some place that’s assigned, like your goal, or anything. You’re just living it. And that’s what we’re all doing, each just living our one life.
    Because that’s SO LIMITED, though, I for one am grateful for anyone who shares her or his life with me. It enriches mine! I didn’t have the drama of a train derailing right near my house, and I don’t notice ducks unless someone points them out to me, and I’ll never live in Canada even though it appeals to me —
    So thank you for opening up your world to me, whatever it happens to be at the moment. I don’t say that every time I comment, but I’m meaning it.

    1. Ohhh … thank you, for that! My thoughts were definitely taking off in the wrong direction yesterday morning! It IS life, and it’s mine… I really shouldn’t compare that to anybody else’s life, or belittle my own. I do appreciate the beauty of this place and that I have a good life … being able to do what I enjoy — even if it’s Β«justΒ» taking pictures of ducks and squirrels. Every now and then I throw in the cat too πŸ™‚

  5. Because trains do derail from time to time, I always try to hang back away from the tracks when waiting for trains to pass by. You just never know when one might decide to jump track. Might as well toss in a little something to think about, while we’re on the subject. Nice photo.

      1. A bit of advice my big brother gave me years ago when I pulled up close to the tracks while a train was passing. I’ve always left room for a possible derailment since then. Better safe than sorry, is the way I look at it. πŸ˜‰

        1. Absolutely! And even more so after I’ve seen the mess this caused! Today they had cranes there, that will lift them up.

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