a facebook group in local news

Early Fall last year — at least before I went on my trip back to Sweden — I found out that a Facebook group had formed, about my home town. I’ve written about this before, I think … this group was the reason Facebook became some fun all of a sudden.

The group is very active, and there’s a lot of talk about old times, what has changed, buildings that are no more and so on. There age spectrum is very wide, which of course, is a great advantage.

Last Saturday there was an article in the local paper, back home, about this group, and there was a huge influx of new members, to this already large group. We’re 2,000+ members, and this is a very small city. I know many of them personally, others I know of, and other … mainly younger, I might know their parents. Many have left Härnösand, a few live abroad, like myself and others are still living there. We have all different memories and experiences, but we have all one thing in common: We’re from Härnösand.

The other day a question was thrown out: ‘Do you have any special place, that you like to go to over and over, just because you love it?’ It was amazing! Everyone seemed to have one, and not many [if any] had the same! I didn’t have to think one second … my place is this stony beach, named Notsand. It’s kind of peaceful — especially in these pictures as there was no wind that day — there are never any people out there — the only ones you’ll meet would be some common snipe, listen to the cry of the sea birds and the sound of the breaking waves. It’s just a great spot for recreation…

There are two, really nice, sandy beaches but they are so crowded in the summertime so it’s really no fun to go there any more. Here, at Notsand, you can sit and think … ponder the great mysteries of life, or just take a walk and breathe in the saline laden air. The first picture, I shot from a bit above … from up the mountain behind it.

The woman, who started this group on a whim, got a phone call after the article was in the paper, from her old uncle … I think he’s almost 90. He asked her what it would cost him to join, or if she perhaps could give him the password over the phone so he could get in for free 🙂 Secondly, he asked her why she didn’t do this while her grandma was alive … she who was a source of knowledge about old things Härnösand … The thing was just that the grandma died sometimes back in the 80’s 🙂

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  1. Hi,
    That is fantastic about the news article, and others saw it and have also joined the group, I think that’s wonderful for a small town, also the younger generation will learn more about the history of where they live. 🙂

    I had to have a bit of a laugh about the old Uncle, I hope he manages to sign up to facebook without to much hassle, he certainly would have a world of knowledge to share. 🙂

    1. Yes, I think it must be fun for the younger ones to see what it looked like. So much have changed, like anywhere else… and so many photos have surfaced from people’s old shoeboxes 🙂

      Yeah ..hope the uncle signs up LOL

  2. I’m beginning to have my reservations about Facebook. While is a great way for friends to get together, share memories, and catch up, it is also a great way for our Governments to collect information on people. I have nothing to hide, but on the other hand, I still have to question the privacy factor. I do wish that my mother (died in 1998) was alive though, to realize the power of the Internet in general. She’d have loved it, I have no doubt.

    1. We always have to bear in mind, what it is we share about ourselves.
      With regards to Facebook, I find it … disturbing …that you have to have a cellphone to do/take advantage of certain things in there.

      1. I have an old cellphone. I’m not sure if it has all of the ‘tracking’ devices the new ones have. Those features are one reason I hang onto my old phone. Some of our technological advances disturb me. I feel like we’ve all become a number to be tracked by our gestapo Government(s).

        1. I don’t know about the government, I don’t care too much about that and the tracking. What I meant was that in order to verify you Facebook account, you MUST have a cellphone that can receive text messages. Do you want a Facebook address with your name [http:// facebook.com/yourname], you MUST have a cellphone. Do you want to try their new chat programme? You must have a cell phone. AND … you can only use one account for one phone number. If a family with only one cell phone [or none] use Facebook, they cannot verify their accounts.

    1. Yes, I think it is … several people have renewed contact! Rivers are great for contemplation … never the same water that runs by 🙂

  3. Wow that is great about the newspaper! And I am glad for you that you found that group!! I can just imagine how fun it must be to share all the memories about the different places in your hometown and to watch all them old photos! 🙂

    1. Yes, that group was a good thing, Mona … and somehow, I think it’s even funnier because you’re far away. So far, I’ve only found that we’re two in North America … me and a guy in Memphis, TN.

      People seem to have found so many old photos, that’s marvellous!

    1. I’ve thought about that funny coincidence too, many times. No, ‘not’, in Swedish is some thing that has to do with fishing… and there’s a cove there that has a little bit of a sandy beach — I guess there used to be a fisher village there long time ago..

      Otherwise it’s true in English; not sand! 🙂

  4. Time to catch up!!! So far behind!

    Great your group made the news! I belong to a Falun group and a Lindsborg group. I love them! We shared stories, old photos, and news of natives we know. Very nice.

    1. yes, it’s so much fun! I’ve got in contact with several people I haven’t seen for ages!

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