Last night, we got heavy rains. Whatever little snow we had is now melted away, and we’re once again back to the drab, brownish-grey colour that has ruled most of this strange winter.

This led me to think about how we evolve as humans …not only do we mature [hopefully], but also our tastes in things changes — at least for me.

When I was young I was a Summer person, big time. The beach … getting a suntan, that’s what summer was all about for me when I was … let’s say, fifteen through twenty five. What cured me from that wasn’t only the reports about malignant melanoma, but a secretary at work! She was much older than I, she was obsessed with suntan and dieting so she was very skinny. They had a cabin up in the mountains, where she went with her family, skiing in the winter. When she came back after one of those sessions, she was so tanned, she looked like a raisin in her face. All her wrinkles from pursing her mouth in disgust … she often did that …became much more visible. Besides, as I grew older, I had Β less patience for lying on a beach.

Autumn has become my time of year, even though I enjoy all seasons in their own way. The air, the colours … the freshness of a September day … nothing beats that in my books, and then Winter isn’t far off … normally. This time it was a non-event here. The days we’ve had snow, I could almost count on my ten fingers.

So this evening I thought about how it was once again grey and brown … but then Mother Nature decided to show off her own colour scheme!

15 thoughts on “seasons

  1. Sherri Ellen T-D.

    Hi Rebby: What a great blog & photo too!! I too can count the number of snow days on my fingers…..such an odd Winter it has been…I agree the muddy tan brown color is hard to take….we have a cover of snow at the moment so it looks better…til it warms up & melts…
    The sunset is gorgeous!! We have had approx 8 days of sun since December… seems to just be various shades of grey here…..thankfully I don’t suffer from S.A.D. (those mutivitamins REALLY work, lol). Maybe tomorrow we shall see some Sun…we can hope, right???

    1. coolfeline

      Thank you, Sherri Ellen …for taking time out to comment. You’re sweet. I don’t suffer from any of those letters either πŸ™‚ According to our weather news page we’ll get snow tomorrow, but so far they’ve been wrong most of the time — it will come down as rain πŸ™‚

  2. Juliana

    I used to try to tan, I never will. Too pale. I suppose I used to like summer — no school. But now I truly dislike summer. We are too hot, too humid. The older I get, the more it bothers. I do love the flowers and take far too many photos of them. I like autumn with the colourful trees. Some years are better than others. IF we get a spring, It is pleasant also. Here, we oftentimes never have a true spring. My favourite is winter. I love the snow and frost. We had no winter this year. And we may not have much winter in the future. i am sad.

    Fasting lab work in the morning. I am dying for food. Shrimp and pasta is what I want. Probably since I just found a recipe for it. Tomorrow……

    1. coolfeline

      Yeah, the older I get, the harder a time I seem to have with the heat/humidity. Oh, I love all the flowers, of course, and go out for an evening swim.
      Fasting lab …just the thought of it makes me hungry LOL

  3. barb19

    Where I live in Oz, it is either hot or warm! But when I lived in the UK, I loved the seasons, and Autumn was always one of my favourites.
    Skin cancer is very prevalent in my state of Queensland, so I stay out of the sun as much as I can and when I do go out – either in the garden or to the shops, I wear a big brimmed hat and sunscreen. I’ve seen the terrible damage the sun can do and am not taking any chances.
    That’s a beautiful sunset shot – all warm and glowing!

    1. coolfeline

      I wouldn’t be able to live there — not matter how lovely it looks … to never get any relief from the hot/warm. I won’t take any chances either, even though I’m far from the complexion that’s in the risk zone.. and the UV index doesn’t get all that high here.

  4. magsx2

    I also used to love summer, our summers are rather longer being in the tropics, and the beach was the place to be, I lived for it. But as I got older I looked forward to the cooler days, the summer is no longer what I live for, oh how we change as we get older. πŸ˜€

    I love the photo and the colours are beautiful. πŸ™‚

    1. coolfeline

      we really do … even my taste in colours has changed somewhat!

      We’re often in for quite spectacular sunsets up here..

  5. purpleborough

    Great sunset photo…All seasons are lovely in their own right, however, when one has allergies, you look at them “through a glass darkly”.

    1. coolfeline

      Thanks! πŸ™‚
      yeah, that’s a terrible thing — I know many people with severe allergies, and I feel very blessed in that respect..

  6. C.B. Wentworth

    The beach and I have never gotten along. I don’t like baking myself! πŸ˜‰

    Love this shot – sunsets are always an amazing part of the day.

  7. quotidianhudsonriver

    Great shot! (of course it does somewhat remind me of the Eye of Mordor from The Lord of The Rings). Always loved 3 of the 4 seasons (hated winter). Now I love all 4 except in NYC we didn’t really have a spring last year and we have not had winter this year. So it goes.


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