The blog is almost always on my mind! At least a little bit … I see something, perhaps, that might be blog worthy, or remember something from my past. When the blog-a-day started in January 2011, I made a point of that; trying to jot down and remember things that might be suitable for blog topics.When it comes to old memories, there’s almost always the little voice in my head that either tells me «no, no way …that’s too far out/personal/outrageous» OR «who do you think could possibly take any interest in that?» The little voice is my hardest critic and most of the time I force myself to turn it off — if I didn’t there wouldn’t be any posts at all. I guess this is what happens when you try and blog like this … like I do … about anything. No particular theme.

Luckily, there are always photos. I love the weekly photo challenge that WordPress have, and the interaction there. Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up pretty soon, and that will make it three years since I started taking photos. Or rather … since I bought the DSLR camera. I always relate that to St. Patrick’s Day because of the fountain they have in a shopping centre here — they make the water green on St. Patrick’s … The first year, we were sitting in the café there, and I was saying to Gerry how much I would have wanted to take a shot of that green water with long exposure …. to get that silky effect. Guess I’d seen photos of water that looked smooth.

That’s how it started. Bought the first Nikon, which was a D60 and the kit lens was 18-55mm. As soon as the battery was charged, I went out to the duck pond …. very eager to try out this new, fancy camera I had. This is what one of my very first duck photos looked like! For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why they looked so small. The fact that I had 10X zoom on the point & shoot camera, seemed to totally escape me. Having said that, it would be redundant to tell you that I was a newbie in the very basic meaning of the word.

I was sad. Time went by and it didn’t get any better. I was seriously considering to sell it. Especially after I’d seen a beautiful Osprey in its nest, that I could have gotten marvellous pictures of, if I’d known how to handle the thing.

Had signed up for a camera course, so I decided to take that before I made any decision. After the first lesson, I guess I’d come to some realization that I needed a longer lens, and bought a 70-300mm. Wow! That made all the difference! In June the same year, my ducks looked like this, and felt much happier than two months earlier, and I still am!


21 thoughts on “bloggable?

  1. I do love this photo. Gives me a nice feeling.
    Looking back it’s hard to imagine how or why I ever blogged. I love reading blogs by friends but my life is so boring. In fact I bore myself.
    Certain people have a knack for it and I appreciate that. I am so so tired of the political stuff going on. A down to earth blog
    Is welcoming.

    1. Thank you, Cindy! I don’t live the world’s most exciting life either, but I really like to write a little, and most of all; the inter-action — that’s what makes blogging fun.

      Politics and religion … those are the two subjects I’d NEVER go in to..

  2. Always love your duck photos. They are always good.

    My blog is just about me. or as much of me I dare to share. And if I am in a sad mood or things are not going well, no blog. Good to take photos and just do a photo blog. Easy when I do not have to say anything.

    1. Thank you, about the photos. I really enjoy taking them. Last year, when I took part in that challenge, it often was very hard to come up with something or to blog at all. Now, when there’s no longer any ‘pressure’ [it wasn’t then either really], I’ve blogged every day anyway 🙂

      1. Things are usually easier when there is no pressure!!! I am so bored with everything here. Nothing interests me to photograph. I did go to a park with geese and take some photos. Now to upload them to my pc…..

  3. Hi,
    Personally I like blogs that don’t have a set theme, I know they say you should have, but sometimes you go to some blogs and you know exactly what is going to be in them before you click to go to the post. I much prefer coming across something different. Photos are good, because no 2 photos are the same. Travel blogs I also enjoy because it’s a different place each time. 🙂
    Your photos are lovely, I love the Mum with her babies, very nice.

    When I was going through YouTube the other day, I cam across this, and straight away thought of you. 2.000 ducks in all the colours you can imagine, this video was taken in Thailand. A bit boring but I could not resist. 😀

    1. Mags,
      Yeah … I know! One blog stands out in my memory, from back in Yahoo, when I started. A guy who was a vegan, and wrote exclusively about that. Nothing else. It was a rather small ‘blogging community’ at first, he had subscribed, and out of politeness, I visited for quite some time but eventually gave up. However, for another vegan, it must have been great.

      This duck video was really something! It looked like a torrent of ducks … flowing down on the other side of the road. How odd really, was that green field some kind of marsh or what — I didn’t see any water there..

  4. Well, I’m glad you didn’t give up on your photography because we get to enjoy some excellent photographs from you of wildlife and the area where you live.

    1. Thank you, Barb … and we do have quite a bit of urban wildlife here IN the city 🙂

  5. Your blog is like coming home. No pretense. A life being lived every day to the fullest without drama except for the lovely ducks that have twisted you around their little webbed feet. Neither do I like going to a blog that has a set theme or pattern….and we never know what you and Gerry might do next!

    1. Oohh… thank you, Linda! That’s sweet! 🙂
      I wrote this last night when I had this feeling that I wanted to write something, but didn’t know what. It’s often that way.

  6. I am enjoying not having a theme (although the river is never far away) but I find it much harder.

    Once I hit my stride last year, I could shoot the river for an hour and write for an hour and poof!!!… postaday2011. Now it sometimes takes me two or three hours to decide which pictures to use and then I have to decide what words they inspire which frequently is another two hours beyond the writing so I must disagree with your commentators who find a photo blog easier. I write what I write and so it goes. Picking 1, 2, 5, or 10 pictures a day that I hope will interest the viewer and then deciding what that means for the day is the hard part…

    I don’t think it is the camera, it is the shooter. Your eye, especially for birds (but not exclusively for birds), is excellent. Yes, you needed that first class to make you comfortable with the technology but the eye already knew (and saw) what the hands and gear could not get.

    Love the duck family.

    1. Well, you did a wonderful job last year on Hudson River, because it never got boring. I think, if you manage to find a theme that you really enjoy … then it gets good too.
      To me personally …and you know how much I want to see NYC … I must admit that I enjoy it even more now.

      It’s never just about the equipment… but it gets much easier if the shooter at least understand what the equipment does LOL

  7. “Better to write for yourself…” per the quote in your sidebar.

    I think it is easier and better to let one’s gut unclench and just write, than to be always gut-clenchingingly chasing the magic formula.

    Nice duck photo.

    1. Exactly, David … that’s when I’ve managed to quiet the little voice. And once I’ve come up with something …then it just flows..

      Thank you, about the duck family 🙂

  8. I am so glad you didn’t sell the camera and you did take that course that gave you just the encouragement you needed at the time. Look at how many of us are blessed by your photography. The world would have missed out on all of that. my world at least and many others here.
    walk in beauty

    1. Thank you, Joss … It was so close, and I’m so happy too, that I didn’t. There are times when I ask myself what I’m doing this for [photo], but then I browse back and look …some of my own pictures actually make me feel good 🙂
      You walk in beauty too..

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