28 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted”

  1. That is one awesome photo — distorted or not!! I really like it. I just took one and kept it. Lucky for me!

  2. Wow – awesome photo Rebekah – glad you didn’t delete it, because it’s perfect for the challenge without “distorting” it manually! Great forward thinking on your part!

    1. Thanks, Barb .. No this certainly didn’t need any manual distortion 🙂 I kept it, I think, because I liked it somehow… those wings there..

  3. There was a film called Agnes of God, a longish while ago. Excellent. You never knew if the central character, a nun who claimed to be impregnated by the Holy Spirit, the dove, was crazy or —- what!

    The cinematography had extraordinary scenes of birds in flight —
    Your amazing shot reminded me of that.

    1. I have seen that movie … long, long time ago!!! Never forgot it, but I don’t remember the bird scenes.

      Talking about cinematography … something that I don’t always pay great attention to … I movie where I was impressed by just that, was a rather silly movie with Meg Ryan; City of Angels. Also ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, for some reason that I can’t really pinpoint.

    1. wow, thank you 🙂 it really was a … not mistake, but I had the bird in focus and in a split second it took off …

    1. Thank Mona, and also for stopping by!
      Yes, it’s kind of fun to mess around with that sometimes .. I had some other ones of Christmas lights, long exposure where I had just moved the camera around.. but I went for this bird 😉

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