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It’s almost inevitable to get affected by all the talk in the media about Google’s new privacy settings as of March 1, 2012.

Can’t say that I’m too worried about them, but I understand that many people are, and I appreciate that people may have their own reasons to be concerned.

Last night, I was thinking and looking through the Google services I do use — pondering which one of them would be most difficult to be without. Many would spontaneously say «GMAIL» … and it would, but to me personally … what I would miss the most, had I to leave Google entirely, would be the CHROME browser. Every now and then, when there’s a new version out, I go and try both Internet Explorer and FireFox, but there just is no way I could change. Could be just a force of habit.

I wouldn’t post anything on the Internet that I wouldn’t write on a regular postcard anyway…

By the way: I just tried to post from the «New Post» in the top bar, that they introduced yesterday. I don’t know if it was a temporary glitch, but it didn’t work. It got stuck on ‘publish’, and didn’t even end up as a draft…

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    1. aha… I didn’t know that! Probably because I never use them, so I’ve never had any reason to look into it..

  1. I have been reading about this a little bit. Have not made any moves. You hear so so much about this that I am starting to believe my neighbors are spying on me. I just give up!

    1. Hi Cindy,
      I haven’t read all of it either, because I don’t feel all that concerned. Google gets a lot of attention in the media, but I have a feeling that MOST websites that have targeted ads do pretty much the same thing..

  2. I agree………just take a look at your side-bar on most any website and you can see almost any thought you have had or anything you have bought or talked about.

    They are watching us!!!

    1. Yes, and one thing that I’ve noticed really often, is my location! Of course, that’s the easiest thing to track … our IP address, but how paranoid are we supposed to get. We’d all have to install VPN our machines… bleh! Sometimes I just get so tired of all this 😆

      1. LOL I look at it this way…….if I am ever kidnapped the officials will know where I am. There is a bright light in the whole thing! My mom always told me to find the good side of any situation.

        1. Yes! 🙂 I’m usually pretty good at that. And that’s what’s so good about today’s cellphones too … you see that all the time on the crime shows, how they can track them … which tower it last was connected to 🙂

  3. I don’t usually allow my location or anything else. Guess it’s the principle but I agree. Facebook does it and they didn’t ask. There are just some things I found out about Google that I don’t like, like you can’t google certain things. They don’t ALLOW certain things to be googled. Aside from that, yahoo has awful glaring ads, and as you say Chrome is the fastest. I tried to use IE the other day for the first time in ages and it was like being on dial up internet. Sooo slowww! Firefox got kind of bogged down in a bunch of junk apps and got glitchy. I don’t think G+ will make it. People doing things after facebook is like throwing it up there and working through it later. No one will move from FB. Certainly not most of the people I know. Most of them don’t come to facebook or google or any online thing. Those of us who blogged before or now are the only ones I know of that come on a regular basis. Us and kids.

    1. You’re right … I don’t feel that G+ really took off. At least not in my books.. A lot of people use it, but they’re all techies. None of «my people» would move there from FB, it’s sad, but it’s a fact. Could you please give me an example of a word that you’re not allowed to goolge? You’ve made me really curious about this LOL.

    2. oh, I forgot about location … I don’t usually allow location, but it doesn’t matter. Whatever webpage I go to [not FB or Google or anything] I see these stupid ads saying, for instance «Congratulations you’re the 1st winner from Saint John» yada yada … they sense your IP address..

  4. I don’t have anything to hide either, but we should still have a right to privacy. I have to wonder how many of google’s connections are for convenience, and how many of their features are being used to keep track of the people in general. I suspect the latter is true.

    1. Supposedly, this is all about browsing habits, so that they’ll be more able to target our ads… it’s about consuming. I don’t know if you use Gmail, but if you do, you might have noticed how the little text ads change, if a certain word is mentioned in your emails.. For instance, if you’re writing to someone about travelling, you might get a lot of ads about cheap flights… and so on..

  5. Hi,
    My main browser is IE8 and there are a lot of problems with it. You have no idea how some blogs in WP look using this browser, and that is one reason I use it, if my blog looks OK in IE8 I figure it looks right with all browsers. 😀 Plus of course most of my friends use IE.

    I do all my posts in firefox, a lot of what is in the editor will not work in IE8, but I have all my RSS feeds in IE so it is more convenient for me. I have never used Chrome, and I don’t have a lot to do with Google.

    I was reading the WP forums yesterday, and a few people were having a bit of trouble with doing their posts from WP home page. I don’t like the idea of them moving our stats or doing posts off our blog sites. For me I never go to WP home page at all, for anything, my blog opens in stats, and I do everything from there. When the stats move I will open my blog in the dashboard home page. Main support is closed till the 8th of March, so if anything major happens it cannot be fixed until then.

  6. Mags,
    Once I belonged to another, small blogging community. We had almost total freedom, with regards to customizing the look and feel of our blogs. The thing was, they always looked stupid in IE — there was always something different about IE. I wrote to them and asked what the deal was, and they replied that *****.com worked best in FireFox, so they suggested I’d use that. That reply pissed me off so royally, so I used IE for spite …for several years! 😉 If they have a website with thousands of users, that cannot handle the [still] major browser …then it’s something wrong, so I left. I think I get easily annoyed LOL..

    I’ve tried both from the WP main page … that froze, and I think it was due to that real time preview. The bar didn’t work at all, as I said. Won’t bother with that anymore. The new stats page doesn’t work with Chrome. I don’t know which side the problem lies … Chrome or WP?! It works in IE.

  7. I have shut off some of the settings in google, but for the most part I just give up. I am okay with sharing my information to still have google. I do think they listen to me on my android phone because it will predict a search from one letter if I say it aloud before hand.

    1. Same here — I checked my accounts to make sure I had that stupid web history turned off. I’ve never seen or used an Android, but that sounds …. interesting, to say the least! 🙂

      People share a lot of stuff on FB and don’t seem to have a problem with THAT…

    1. well…thank you anyway, for stopping by Linda … it’s particularly good to see you online tonight, considering the wild weather..

  8. I did some checking on what I do but I am not worried. No way to stop places from collecting data.

    I would definitely miss Chrome. I did like Safari but I really like Chrome better. Occasionally I try others also, but just not the same.

    Have not tried the ‘post’ yet. Probably won’t. I post in Posterous and it goes from there to other places.

    1. I know … about Chrome! Just for fun, I’ve tried a few times, to change …but I can’t.
      That ‘post’-thing didn’t work for me.. . I prefer to write from the usual place anyway..

  9. Of course it has nothing at all to do with Obamas meeting with the high tech code jockies, Apple, Google, farcebook, and twitter last year…and the dinner he provided them all on the 17th of last month…Nah…Big Brother don’t need no stinking social network to open the ultimate Window into everyone’s lives…Does he?

  10. I’m a loyalist. I’m MAC, and I’m Safari.
    Google? Gmail. That’s it.
    Facebook, for my own purposes only.
    I like privacy so I turn off anything i can, I like to be unavailable, I guess 😉

    But I ended up by accident trying a post from the WordPress home page and had the same problem you did, it got lost and didn’t even save a draft. And furthermore, there was no option to preview it. Sorry to be cynical, but everytime someone announces an “improvement” in something, I shudder!

    1. I’ve been a Google-person, big time … everything they came up with; I was there! Never went crazy with Facebook though..
      The ‘improvements’…I always check them out, only to forget about them a while later. EXCEPT this reply to comments from the bar! That was for me … I find it very convenient.

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