cats in local media

A couple of weeks ago, there was a lot of hoopla here in New Brunswick about pets. There’s a big landlord, with big apartment buildings … «low-income housing» … all over the province, that had sent out a letter to all the tenants, notifying them that they had to get rid of their pets or move. Many people had had cats for years, and that was allegedly  sort of ‘over-looked’ … ‘they knew about it but did nothing’. However, it was clearly stated in their contracts that no pets were allowed and I’m not writing this post to take a stand on this issue. It caused a huge media out-cry locally, here in New Brunswick. CBC aired many interviews with tenants and representatives for the landlord.  CBC NB also have, what they call, a web editor, who reports what has been said on Twitter, and most people were outraged, even though some took a stand for the landlord, since it was so clearly stated in the contract. They asked tenents what they would do … get rid of their pet or move … this went on for a couple of weeks, at least, and they [CBC] kept following up on it.

There were so many heartbreaking interviews … a young mother with her autistic son and their dog — the dog was a great asset in the boy’s development … but ONE woman stands out clearly in my mind: She’d had her cat for a long time. She was elderly and somewhat disabled, living alone …this cat was her only companion and comfort in life. CBC talked with her and she said there was no way she could neither move, nor afford any different apartment … She had made the heartbreaking decision to take her cat down. In the reportage, they even showed her putting her cat in a cage, taking her to the vet.

Having lived with a cat myself, ever since 1986 … this totally broke my heart. Once, I’ve been forced to put my cat in a cage, go to the vet and have her put to sleep, but she was sixteen years old and very ill. This woman’s cat was perfectly healthy … at least they didn’t say anything to imply the opposite.

What was almost worse, in a way, was that a few days later, the landlord went back on their words — now allowing tenents to keep their current pets, but no new ones will be allowed! I wonder how the poor woman, in Moncton, felt when she heard THAT! My heart goes out to her…

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  1. How sad and touching. The bond between people and pets can be such a strong and emotional one, and this was obviously the case in this piece particularly so with the older woman, who must feel so lonely and probably duped. My heart goes out to her.

    1. Yes, and that’s one thing I know by personal experience. When my cat Hadassah, died after sixteen years, I thought «never again will I put myself through something like this» …. but again; my home just isn’t a home without a cat.

      I often think of this woman…

  2. Hi,
    What a terrible situation to have to choose between your pet or your home. I feel very sorry for those people that did not have a choice to move because of their circumstances. I can understand it was in the contract, but life is not always just black and white, this I think is where some of that “red tape” falls through cracks.

  3. What a very sad tale. The landlords let it go on far too long. Should have been stern up front. But there should also be some compassion. How can they live with themselves. And how will that poor old lady go on. My heart breaks.

    1. Exactly my thoghts, Julie … they should never have allowed it in the first place.

      The stepped back on this, when one tenant said on the news that they should focus their energy on getting rid of all the rodents and the mold and stuff instead..

  4. The poor woman will probably feel guilty to her dying day, and the landlord won’t care. The only silver lining I see here is that the cat was well loved throughout his life, and lived longer than most cats do. in spite of the fact that his life was cut short. So Sad for all of the owners who disposed of their beloved pets only to find out they could kept them after all.

  5. Oh Rebekah, that is so sad. That poor old lady put her cat down and then finds out it was all for nothing. Can you imagine how she must be feeling now? She has to live with that for the rest of her life; it’s catastrophic. What a shame she hadn’t waited a while longer.

  6. People can be very cruel sometimes.
    I believe that would not have been permitted in New York. I am not a lawyer but I am fairly certain that if a landlord has ignored a lease rule until it is expected behavior, they have forfeited the right to enforce (within the limits of legality and hygiene, of course)

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