in the park

This is the entrance to Rockwood Park — the park where I spend so much time shooting ducks and squirrels. It’s a lovely place to be, regardless of season and there is something for everyone.

I was fascinated when they built that entrance, a couple of years ago. There were many people working on it, they brought in the rocks from somewhere, cut it out and built the wall. There’s a long wall in the other direction too … out of the picture. They did an amazing job, and  the finishing touch was to fill in the letters of the big rock with the name.

It’s fantastic to find this huge gem in this little city … it’s  870 hectares or 2,200 acres, oodles of little lakes and hiking trails, camping sites, even a zoo and a golf course. It’s so close to the city — almost IN the city! Here’s a shot I took from up a look-out spot that gives you an idea of the proximity to the downtown district … Lily Lake in the foreground.

I’m not writing an advertisement for Rockwood Park here, there’s lots of read about it if you follow the link here above — but I do want to share a little of my appreciation of the place, since I spend so much time there with my camera. I may have mentioned it before, but the park was designed by Calvert Vaux, who also was part of the team that designed Central Park, NYC.

I was just sitting here thinking about how many birds and wildlife we have here in the actual city … looking out of our apartment building I see the deer resting in someone’s backyard … bald eagles and peregrine falcons flying by our windows … there’s almost like a bird sanctuary in the centre of town [Marsh Creek] and so on … the regular visits of a giant Raven, alighting on our balcony … in its quest for food.

Here’s just one of its numerous inhabitants… and if you’re there really early you’ll get to watch the sunrise over the duck pond!

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  1. We have a “Rockwood Park” in Richmond, Va. too. Small World. It is wonderful to be able to step out of the concrete surroundings in the city to enjoy nature and observe the wildlife. I couldn’t survive without the beauty of natural surroundings. It’s looks (and sounds) like you and I are on the same page.

    1. Really? How cool ! And yes, it’s a wonderful place to have this nearby — especially since we now live in an apartment — it takes me about ten minutes to walk there. They have stables too, with Clydesdale horses…

      1. I love those Clydesdales, they are magnificent! Although, I hear some of them can have a little attitude problem. Best not to walk behind them. One good kick, and it’s lights out.

        1. These guys look almost sleepy … I like their furry legs 🙂 In the summertime they get to go out and work — drag the tourists around in some type of chariots, downtown

          1. That sounds like a lot of fun. They have horse and carriage rides in Lexington, Va. I always wanted to do that, but never seem to have the time to travel that far. Lexington is about 150 miles from here. One day, when the urge hits to visit the mountains, I may add a carriage ride to the trip.

            1. people can go horseback riding in the park …that’s quite common that they do that. They have a number of horses there for that purpose … must be wonderful if you’re into that …all those trails…

              1. I have some friends in this area with horses and a farm. One of these days, I’m going to hit their trails. There just never seems to be enough time to fit everything in. If you’ve never ridden, you should try it. There is nothing better than a good horse as a companion to stroll through the park with/on.

                1. I have done it. Once! Never did it again.

                  Later on some time, I’ll do another post about the animals in the park..

  2. Hi,
    What a magnificent park, it sounds like it had just about everything. it is wonderful when a beautiful spot like this is set aside for Nature.

    We have a lovely area not far from us also about a 10 min walk, which is where we walk the dog, of a morning and early evenings, it has a natural creek running through it, and there are certain areas where your dog can have a swim. 😀

    1. Oh that also sounds wonderful, Mags!

      There’s a, what they call, Bark Park, in our park too … where dogs can meet and socialize.. 🙂

      1. The park is Kedron Brook, the 1st video shows the bikeway through the park, but it does give you an idea of the size, you will see the bike go over a couple of bridges that is the creek, when it rains heavily it always floods. But there is plenty of wildlife, as you can imagine. It is a lovely place. If visiting the area, you can park at Stafford City car park, and it is just behind the shopping center, there is also a wonderful off lead area for the dog as well. Here is a map of exactly were it is. Plenty of ducks here as well. 😀

        This shows you one of the bridges the bike went over, this video is one of our latest floods. Jan. 2012.

  3. Looks like a great place. Wish there was somewhere like that near here. And the little squirrel is adorable!

    1. It is, and it’s also great to see that so many people are taking advantage of it … all year round!

  4. I wish I had a park like that where I live. Granted, we have beautiful mountain parks, but they are quite a drive! A little green goes a long way in the hustle and bustle of city life. 🙂

    1. Yes, I truly enjoy this place …the serenity of it all, when you go out there early in the morning … it’s unbelievable.

  5. What a fantastic park, and to use the space so close to the city is the best thing of all; everyone can enjoy it!
    From your previous postings about Saint John, it certainly has a lot going for it; you are lucky to live in such a wonderfully interesting place.

    1. It’s great, and so is Saint John …but it has a lot of things not going to so good …the finances.

  6. Lovely post. What a treasure in/next to the city! And you make full use of it!
    Reminds me a little of our Look Park, which is much MUCH smaller, but still affords the luxury and solace of green in a suburban environment.

    However, it was in our very own backyard that I saw a fox last week! With a huge brush, trotting across the grass and then into the woods. So thrilling —

    1. Yes, it is a treasure and it’s actually IN the city. Oodles of hiking trails in the forest, and I’ve heard something about that you’re now able to navigate those trails with the help of a GPS device. The signs haven’t been the world’s best so far.. Many little lakes in there that I’ve never even seen!

      Ohhh… I’d love to see a fox! They’re beautiful and they seem to have a constant smirk on their faces.. 🙂

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