Last Fall, I went home back to Sweden, to visit with friends and family. Spent about three weeks in my home town [Härnösand], but also visited other places … Västerås, being one of them. Of course, I took oodles of pictures everywhere I went … had not been to Västerås since 1972, when I finished school there. Didn’t recognize all that much there, except street names and old buildings downtown. Parts of the city, with the new architecture and all that made me almost doubt that I was in Sweden. We were walking one day, along the shore of Lake Mälaren, where many, new, residential areas had mushroomed … condo buildings mixed with rental apartments. This artwork caught my eye … the name of it is «Windshield», it doesn’t have a Swedish name. It’s made of some kind of acrylic fibre glass and is placed on rail so it can be turned around… The artist’s name is Carsten Höller.

For reasons, that I can’t explain, I really liked this. I liked how the photo came out, and it’s also a reminder of the remarkably warm and sunny weather that I had throughout my visit. This was shot on October 14th!

To be honest, I’d planned to write about something completely different this morning, but I lost my train of thoughts … my mind started to wander and I ended up with this windshield. When you start to google something, one thing leads to another, so there you go…a different post.

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  1. ‘Clean Home’ WordPress theme!

    And a lovely header image.

    How did you feel back in Sweden (changed architecture aside)? Did you have that marginalised feeling that people talk about when they have been out of their country for a long time?

    Ah, I sympathise with the one-things-lead-to-another syndrome.

    I must, must, must write this thing I am supposed to be doing.

    I am also reviewing some coding changes on another site and it reminds me of the phrase ‘herding cats’ – grab one, and another pops out – aaaargh.

    1. Thank you … it’s a font called ‘Chewy’, that I’ve downloaded from Google Web fonts.
      Apart from the architecture, and the fact that 90% [if not 99%] of the population seemed glued to their iPhones … it was pretty much the same. I only visited with close friends and family so nothing was changed there. One thing though … in my mind things must have stood still because I was in total shock over the prices …food prices and stuff like that.

      In your self-hosted WP … do you get the same thing as here with the bar notifications — that you can reply to comments from the top bar?

      1. No, the comment bar doesn’t exist in self-hosted. What you get in the navigation bar is an alert to tell you what plugins etc. can be updated, a speech bubble that alerts you to comments (but clicking it takes you to the comments page itself), and a quick link to making a new post.

        1. ahh… I have an extension in my Chrome browser, that also notifies me of comments, I don’t know if that is only for wp.COM but I suspect it is..

    1. I had a wonderful time … hope you’ll go again, and there’s so much more than Stockholm..

      1. Oh I know, but we only had a few days, so we stayed with Stockholm, Lidingö, and somewhere out in the country along the coast–I don’t remember where, but we did go on his father’s boat. 🙂 It was wonderful. We plan to go back someday!

        1. yeah, I know …one can only do so much. Before my last trip home, now last Fall, I’d never seen Malmö before …or any part of Skåne, for that matter.

          Has he been to see you in Maine?

          1. No, not yet. He’s quite busy with politics, and he has two sons as well. He is on some of Sweden’s EU committees as well. Paul is a busy guy. Interesting though–he and his wife are friends with the Prime Minister and his wife. He even went to the Princess’ wedding a year or two ago, whenever it was.

            I told him I will be there when he becomes Prime Minister. He laughed and told me he doesn’t want the job–no privacy! 🙂

            1. Fredrik Rheinfeldt …yeah, he’s come into play after I left. The wedding was last year, and yesterday they got a daughter …a new little princess whose name will be Estelle 🙂

  2. Hi,
    The art work is certainly different. I don’t really know if I like the piece or not, but it looks good in the photo. 🙂

    I can relate to thought changes after surfing the net, I think it is a common occurrence. 😀

    1. Mags,
      Normally, this isn’t my kettle of fish but this … I liked — it looked like it belonged there, as if had ‘grown up’ there 🙂

      Yes, sometimes I think there’s an overload of information ..

    1. It’s Swedens 4th largest city [sometimes 5th, it’s close between Västerås and Uppsala].

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