The 31st of May 2009

I took this photo:

I was so happy … because I could! Had taken a 4-session camera course, and this was sort of the grand finale πŸ™‚ The previous sessions, we’d been sitting around, learning about the camera — that was the purpose of the course, and it was good! Learned what aperture was, what shutterspeed did and so on. Exactly what I needed at the time. The guy said, when it started, that when the course was over, we’d be able to at least read the manual and understand what we read. That proved to be true. Β Had bought my life’s first DSLR camera a couple of months earlier and was very unhappy. I was almost ready to sell it and forget about the whole idea, when I learned about this course.

Sometimes, I tend to get overly optimistic about my own capabilities … at least when it comes to computers, cellphones and in this case it was cameras. We had the little point & shoot, I read up online, about DSLR and thought that I had a pretty good grip of the concept. I had NOT. I didn’t understand anything at all … not why the ducks looked so small when I shot them with the kit lens [18-55mm], and that’s just an example.

So … that’s why I was so happy when I shot this picture. We started the walk when it was still daylight, but late enough to get some nice night shots at the end … we walked along Saint John’s ‘Harbour Passage’, and the lit up building is the old post office. I got to borrow the guy’s tripod because I didn’t own one at this point. Now I also understood why people used them and that it was true that I might want to get one in the future!

I’m so thankful I took that course instead of selling the camera — I’m having so much fun with it.

Same building, three months later … a wonderful, warm night late in August 2009. I really enjoy taking night shots.

That’s all for now … it’s midnight, time for sleep. Tomorrow is another day …another blog, perhaps.

21 thoughts on “The 31st of May 2009

  1. magsx2

    Great night shot photos.
    I think it’s fun if you can go to a class and learn about something that you love doing. Learning about the camera, and what different lenses will do would be great. Good on you. πŸ™‚

    1. coolfeline

      It was useful…! Would have taken me a long time to figure all that stuff out on my own..

    1. coolfeline

      yeah, I’m always grateful that I’m still able to learn something..

      Took a course, many years ago, in calligraphy. That was a bit tough.

    1. coolfeline

      yes .. I wonder! πŸ™‚ Don’t even know what’s in there now … there’s a pub at street level, that’s all I know. Probably offices..

  2. daydreamer2011

    I sure know what you mean about giving up! And I do not understand a thing about the aperture and so on… lol I just try my way with clicking away. Some times it work out well.

    One thing I really have to work on is to take night photos but I also know that I have to get a tripod – when ever I can afford it.

    Great photos! =o)

    1. coolfeline

      I thought I could do that too… that’s what I meant with that I’m overly optimistic. Everything got so much easier when I understood a little of THREE things: aperture, shutterspeed and ISO.

      A sturdy tripod is a must for night shooting.. when you have a long lens, it must be able to hold the weight of the whole thing. My first one didn’t.

      So good to see you here!!! *hugs*

  3. orples

    The lights on the building are lovely. And I just love the architectural elements. Such workmanship. Your photos bring it all out. Good job.

  4. barb19

    I love the second shot of the building lit up at night – it looks like a grand old building with lots of character.
    Glad you didn’t sell the camera – but then, I know you are not a quitter either – look at what we would have missed out on – the awesome duck shots, the majestic eagles, Saint John, etc.

    1. coolfeline

      Thank you for your kind words, Barb. No, I don’t think I’m a quitter [I still smoke LOL], but I do remember how close I got that time. I felt so disappointed… but I’ve talked to several people afterwards, who had the exact same feeling when stepping up from Point & Shoot to DSLR..

      Oh, and wouldn’t you know … the eagle flew by really close today!!! Here, outside the building..

        1. coolfeline

          Had it not been a big apartment building with all those balconies, I could have put out a big slice of meat! LOL

    1. coolfeline

      Thank you! I’ll never forget that night …it was so special.. Most of the time I remember when and where I shot them…


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