a whiter shade of pale

I’ve always loved this song. When it came out, I was perhaps twelve, thirteen and my English wasn’t exactly what it is today. I always felt a little ‘sad’, that  I didn’t understand the lyrics and I doubted my English would be good enough to ever understand it … until I listened to an interview with Paul McCartney. He said that he never understood the lyrics either, so that felt relieving.

16 Replies to “a whiter shade of pale”

    1. The summer of -68 is forever associated with this music — another song with Gene Pitney also stands out in my mind — but I was a little too young to really be ‘part of the movement’ so to speak 🙂

  1. Some of the best music comes out of the 60’s and 70’s. No doubt why it is now called “Classic Rock”. Good choice, beautiful song.

    1. wonderful music came out of that era … ‘If you’re going to San Francisco’, and so on… 🙂

  2. I always believed that it was about a stoned couple and the girl was breaking the relationship at a party. This idea was reinforced when I saw them live. In concert they did a third verse that wasn’t on the recording:

    “If music be the food of love
    Then laughter is its queen
    And likewise if behind is in front
    Then dirt in truth is clean
    My mouth by then like cardboard
    Seemed to slip straight through my head
    So we crashed dived straightaway quickly
    And attacked the ocean bed”

    No idea if I’m right…but there you go.

    1. that sounds very credible…

      Thank you! I’d never heard that one before. Cool, that you’ve seen them live!

  3. Always loved that song also. There was one song from my youth that we were told had ‘dirty’ lyrics. I could never understand them. Saw them printed out as an adult. Nothing risque at all!!

  4. I never heard them until the movie The Big Chill, but then I adored it. It’s the music AND the words — but the words are really meaningless, they’re just — the mood, I guess.
    When I was watching the video, I kept thinking they’re old men now!!!! So strange —

    1. Yes … time moves on … also how well groomed all these guys seem to be now, when we look at them!

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