urban art

I just read a blog post over at Quotidian Hudson River, with graffiti seen from the High Line. This reminded me of some pretty awesome stuff I saw in Quebec City. Had a hard time finding the few pictures I had of them, because I had not tagged them properly. Eventually I did find them, and they were shot in 2006 … with the very first, little camera.

I think it’s a great idea to make these, otherwise grey, buttresses underneath the bridge, looking really spiffy!this door … looks so real!

the upper part of the same column

another one, with ‘regular’ graffiti in the background.

If I go back to Quebec some time, I know a lot of stuff that I’ll take new photos of ๐Ÿ˜‰

13 thoughts on “urban art

  1. These are awesome….so realistic I would think I could open the door and walk through….I do love graffiti.
    Thanks for digging these out…well worth the effort.

    1. Thank you, Linda …and yes, it was worth it. Now they’re tagged. There were many columns …all gorgeous, with different themes..

  2. What do you mean the doors ‘look so real’? They aren’t? The detail above them is spectacular. Can you imagine what it would cost today to build even that portion of the structure. Are these bridge supports? I am confused.

    1. These are all paintings …the door is painted on the grey concrete.. Cool, huh?! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. That is VERY cool! I looked at those photos for a long time and the underside of the bridge ‘sort of’ gave it away, but that is one terrific job the artist did to create such a magnificent optical illusion. Wow!

    1. Yes they are …one wonders how long that took to paint.
      They had others too, but they were so well-known — they are in most postcards of Quebec City..

  3. Incredible!! What awesome art!! I remember being on the train going into Gรถteborg and there was some awesome graffitti on several buildings. We all thought it was great and looked for it when we left there.

    1. Yes, I’m amazed what they can do! A small town, not too far from here [Sussex] they have really awesome stuff too …they’re really known for it.

  4. You mean there are LOTS of those? Fantastic!
    The trompe l’oeil is completely convincing, I had a hard time recognizing them as painted even after you said they were —

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