16 thoughts on “bad-hair-day

    1. coolfeline

      I love the mallards too [in case anybody missed that LOL] … This is a ‘common’ merganser, but they aren’t too common around here..

    1. coolfeline

      Ha ha! Good point! One came straight up from under the water, and looked really slick.. 🙂

    1. coolfeline

      Thank you, Julie-Ann … Ducks are my favourite subjects, I guess 🙂 … or any feathered friend really..

  1. magsx2

    Wow, these are great photos, I love the little tuff of hair sticking up, but those flying ducks, you managed to get all the colours of the rainbow, very nice. That photo is definitely one that should be framed. 😀

    1. coolfeline

      Thank you 🙂
      They came out well, especially with that kind of drab background..


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