no regrets but…

The other week, in the WordPress weekly photo challenge, the subject was regret. That, I found a little difficult, so I just decided on a more humorous take on it. One thing I do regret though … or perhaps  «wish» would be a more appropriate word … is that my interest in photography had started while we lived in Quebec. I lived there for five years and we did buy this little digital, point & shoot camera, with only digital zoom. I knew nothing about cameras when we bought it. After a while I started looking for the little ‘tulip’ on the dial, because the one we had at work had that [macro setting]. Ours didn’t, but we got a printer/scanner with it, and I think that was what settled the purchase.

Anyway, as I said … I knew nothing, and the pictures I did shoot of Quebec City — which is an extremely picturesque place — I didn’t even save the full resolution of. Didn’t realize that that could be a good thing to do.

No, my photo interest was awakened in 2009 … for St. Patrick’s Day, to be exact, and by then we’d lived here in Saint John for about six months.

Now, when I look at things a little differently, I see that I could have done so much more. Not only Quebec City, but the whole province of Quebec — we did drive around quite a bit!

About a year before we moved away from there, we bought a better camera …a Canon SX100is. Things got a little better. One shot, that I really like on a personal level is this cannon ball, because many people who are actually living there, haven’t even noticed it!

So … this wouldn’t really have fallen under the subject ‘Regret’ … and I think of the old Beatles song …

15 thoughts on “no regrets but…

  1. purpleborough

    Ha…the little cannon ball was hiding among the roots…great shot. The “new” umbrella was colorful against the backdrop of the old stately building.

    1. coolfeline

      It’s a theater, I believe… and that cannon ball has been sitting there for a very long time 😉

  2. orples

    That cannon ball tucked under the root of the tree reminds me of an Easter egg hunt. LOL. Very unusual shot indeed.

    1. coolfeline

      Thanks … I was so surprised when I happened to see it. The first time I saw it, I didn’t have a camera …so I went back..

  3. magsx2

    It looks like the tree roots are growing around the cannon ball, fantastic observation, it would be very easy to miss.
    I also love the look of the bark on the old tree, you can tell that the cannon ball has been there for a very long time, it would be interesting to know how and why it is there. 😀
    I’m always curious about these type of things. 🙂

        1. coolfeline

          There’s a big park there now, and they used to have re-enactment of the battle but they stopped that a couple of years ago. Plains of Abraham, that is..

  4. Juliana

    I wish I had been interested in photography years ago. But. Can’t go back. I have my eyes on a new camera from Olympus that is coming out in April. Something new. See how rich I feel then!!! Not a huge amount of money, but still….

    1. coolfeline

      Nope, there’s no going back — we can only treasure our memories. You haven’t pondered stepping it up a notch and go for a DSLR?

  5. barb19

    That is a unique shot of the cannon ball hiding in the roots of that old tree – I’m glad you went back to take the shot!


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