7 Replies to “test ~ please disregard”

  1. Congrats! At some point in time I hope to learn animation. I think I’ll need to get a new computer first though. LOL.
    I love your kitty critter.

    1. Thank you, but I can’t take the honour of creating this … it’s from the web somewhere.. 🙂 but it sure looks like our McDuff!

      1. Still, the animation is very cool. One day, I hope to play with some of he cool programs out there that allow such things to happen.

        1. I’ve done ONE animation in my life …an egg, where a bunch of flowers popped out. It was extremely time consuming for me…because I’m so not used to it..

    1. yeah, after I’d removed WP as an app in FB and did the procedure all over …then it worked! 🙂

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