Downton Abbey

I’ll be looking forward to watching Downton Abbey tonight! This is one of the rare TV shows that I really, really like. In the media, it’s pretty obvious, the popularity this series has gained.

It was a pure coicidence that I started to watch it … was just sitting around, the TV happened to be turned on, the night it started. I was hooked! Couldn’t wait for Season 2 to begin. [Now I think I’ve missed one episode, because our PBS station must have messed up at least once.]

The exact same thing happened, back when my other, favourite TV-show started; The Sopranos. Normally, a show about the mafia wouldn’t necessarily have appealed to me, but it was on and I guess I got caught up with Tony and  the ducks in his pool 🙂

Either way, it’s always so nice when you have a real good TV-show to look forward to.

Here’s the photo, that I originally had planned to use for the photo challenge «DOWN». Before I posted, unfortunately, I was in the site, looking at what all the others had posted. Found that somebody else had tried this, different take, on ‘down’, so I chose another one.

32 Replies to “Downton Abbey”

  1. Lovely photo, composition, balance, exposure, subject, colour. I like the little hanging branch that puts a canopy over the birds.

    I am not a big fan of Downton Abbey, though I do like Maggie Smith’s put downs. I liked the Sopranos very much and mostly because of the main character who is a fine actor and because the plot developed so slowly.

    I like MadMen –

    1. Thank you, thank you! 🙂
      I have yet to watch MadMen.

      There was another British series that I really loved, a few years back, but I forget the name of it. It was with Robson Greene, he was a med student and had an affair with Amanda whats-her-name..

    1. no, not by birth … I’m just drawn to Judaism in general, but have not converted. How about you? 🙂

    1. Yes, as of last night! I thought that was more «me» 🙂 …and I also see that you can spell ‘lead’ in the past tense, which I also can now, but it took me all these years to find out! 😉

  2. So in following the comment thread, absence of snow is now fluffy flurries? Interesting.
    This “down” is certainly a good one…one can feel the disdain of the bigger bird for the smaller one…my take anyway.
    I was led to make that leading statement 🙂

    1. Yes! flurry of fluffies LOL
      Looking at the ducklings led me to think of their downy bodies 😉

  3. Our leader led us by our leads to the lead mine in Leeds.

    Last Downton until next year. I have always loved soap operas so I love this one but along with Maggie’s putdowns (and next year Shirley MacClain is supposed to join as the maternal grandmama so Maggie will have some competition), I love the way Mary can say more with an eyebrow than most actors can with a full script…

      1. That’s too bad, Linda …I thought it was being aired on all PBS stations?! It’s on Masterpiece Theater..

          1. they’ll do a re-run of last week’s episode tonight first, and then the new episode …at least our Maine PBS..

    1. LOL Wonderful … I used to have a similar sentence about lie/lay/lye…
      Oh dear … is this season finale tonight?! Too bad. I’ve thought that about Mary too! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Orples! I loved it when I came home with it … how the little guy is standing there, flapping his ‘what’s-to’be-wings’ 🙂

  4. Brilliant photo Rebekah, I like the little one trying out his ‘wings’!
    I love Downton Abbey too but we are still waiting for Season 2.
    Is Absence of Snow being replaced by Fluffy Flurries?

    1. yeah, it’s the same thing … I just changed the name of it!

      So …. you haven’t got it yet??!! That’s bad..

  5. Love the baby ducklings… and talk about soft.. there downy feathers are so soft… Great photo Rebekah… I love it

  6. Hi,
    A beautiful photo, I love it. 🙂

    If you have missed any episodes of the show, here are the links, just click on whatever link, and it will take you a heap of free links that you can watch the show on 🙂

    When I click onto home it takes me to Absence of snow, (Hello World) I use IE 8 as a browser, and I’m wondering if it is because of my browser?

    1. Wonderful!!! Thanks! There’s one I know for sure that I’ve missed! Will check it out..

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