to share … or not to share?!

In WordPress it’s very easy to set-up automatic posting to Twitter and Facebook. I’ve used it many times … Twitter’s alright, I have it set up now with this blog.

Facebook is a whole different story, and I’m writing this now because I’d like to hear how other bloggers have it set up and how it works for them. All input on this is welcome 🙂

In my experience, the people in FB sometimes just read the little snippet and comment on that … IN Facebook! Others even go to the blog and read … then they go BACK to Facebook to comment. I like all the comments in one place, namely here … not spread out over the Facebook world.

Cape Spencer, Saint John, N.B.

In connection with last night’s post, Down … this is what I’d seen, had I turned around. This place is just a few minutes’ drive outside the city limits of Saint John.

There used to be a keeper of the light … now only the remnants of their garden is left. We keep finding flowers there … unexpected flowers! A white mallow — I believe it’s called ‘musk mallow’, that has become my favourite. There’s a blue flower too, that we’re not really sure of what it’s called.

One morning I will go out there and watch the sun rise. I’ve been meaning to do that for a couple of years now and it still hasn’t happened.

Saint John really is a gem … a little rough around the edges, but still. The proximitiy to the ocean, the beaches, the parks … everything is close, but most of all the friendly people!


26 Replies to “to share … or not to share?!”

  1. I share my posts on Twitter and a number of people have become followers of the blog that way. I also share it on my page Be Well on facebook and yeah, most people respond on FB rather than the blog.
    Here we call that white flower “the bride” and there is a lavender one just like it called “the groom”.

  2. In my experience, that’s how Facebook works.
    Just the way it is — I decided I’d rather have it spread a little beyond, and stifle any wish they’d comment on the blog itself, let alone become regular readers!

  3. I do not know about Facebook. I get few to no comments (that I know about). I rarely if ever even go over to see if anyone did read or say anything. Usually, I just figure I am invisible everywhere. It is better not to expect that someone might read and might say something on Facebook. I’m not a good one to even comment on this.

    Lighthouses are one of my favorite things. I think this one is lovely.

    1. I have it set to notify my in email, so I know when they do something. Quite a few used to comment IN Facebook, when I had it set up. Now I’m giving it one more try.

      Love lighthouses!!! And there are quite a few around..

  4. Love the lighthouse! I have never actually seen one but would love to!!!

    My blog goes to several sites. Most people who read it don’t comment so no problem for me.

  5. I post on FB and Twitter. I don’t get many comments on FB but I know from emails and face to face meetings that most of my readers actually come from there. (Especially since I broadened the focus away from the river)

  6. I love that little bumblebee you managed to catch in the lower photo, although all posted are lovely.

    As far, as face book goes. I wonder why I waste my time. Of course, if I were a marketing guru, I’m sure I’d have better luck.

  7. I too would like comments to be on the blog. Self-hosted WP blogs can hand over the commenting to FB, like Mashable has done. I wonder whether that will come with ? I dread to think…

    1. I dread to think that, but I think not. I’ve seen many who have implemented FB-comments. Where’s all this FB going to end … world domination?!
      There was a plugin called Wordbooker also that did the trick, but there were so many problems with it..

      1. I do not like FB and fear that “they” are the ones who will sell the American people out…what with facial recognition and knowing everything about us…worse than Google. The server for Google and FB are one and the same; one can email them and asked to be removed from the database and most of the stuff can be removed. If anyone wants to know, email me.

        1. We sure have provided them with a lot of info. That sounds really interesting about that server that’s supposed to house both Google and FB?!

  8. My posts are set to go automatically to Twitter and FB, but I also find that people just read the snippet shown on FB and comment there. Hardly any follow through to my post in WP, even though I leave a comment asking them to. I would rather have my comments all together in one place – right on my blog. I wonder that there isn’t some way those comments left on FB could be transferred to our blog.
    Love the pic of the lighthouse – they always seem so mysterious to me! The pic of the flower and the bee could be entitled “Flight of the Bumble Bee” 😀

    1. No, there’s no way … not here. When you have the self-hosted WP, you can make it so that you get Facebook’s comment system on your own blog … but who would honestly want that?! It wasn’t easy to install it either.

      I also found, that if they saw a picture in the post in FB, they commented only on the picture.

      Yeah, I was so pleased when I saw that bumblebee afterwards …didn’t even notice it when I shot 😉

  9. Love the photos, especially of the flowers. I’m a sucker for petals in the wild. 🙂

    I share my posts on both Twitter and Facebook. I figure it can’t hurt and either way someone is reading my work and my name is getting out there as a writer. 🙂 Though, I do set it up so that only a summary appears on facebook and in subscription listings, (which I hope is working correctly!).

    1. Thank you, CB 🙂 I’ll try it one more time, and see if I get as irked as last time LOL … I noticed now, that in FB there’s now a link that says ‘continue reading’ ..hope it will work better this time.

  10. Hey, I got an email with you blog post about this page, but it sent me to…and nothing is there. Your Home page still redirects there too. Didn’t know if you know that or not!

    Great pictures, I always enjoy your posts. Your Cape Spencer photo is gorgeous.

    As for FB…I don’t connect my blog or twitter to FB. I could, but I chose not to because that’s specifically for family and old friends. I don’t want to mess with that. Plus it’s not like I have a specific product I am selling, nor do I have a book. Maybe someday, if I choose to, I’ll add a FB page, but for now, my blog and twitter are linked, and that’s it.

    Take care!

    1. Thanks a lot! 🙂 That link was corrected after the email went out.
      I’ve once again connected FB …a test …to see how it goes this time. My list of people on FB is a mix of ‘real life’ friends and online buddies..

      1. Do you plan to post about how the FB connection works? I’d like to know more about your experience with it as you get further in. 🙂 Have a great day!

        1. I certainly will, because last time I did this, I ended up removing the connection.. most of them commented IN Facebook instead of here..

          1. Right, I found that to be true amongst my friends and family as well. They’ll look but not follow or comment, and then end up posting the comment there. Oh well! 🙂

  11. Hi,
    Some people have their facebook followers added to their blog followers stats.
    I used to wonder how people could have such huge numbers of followers, when they have only been blogging for a couple of months, in some cases only a few weeks, yet the follow numbers was well in the hundreds. Being a curious type of person I went searching for answers and found this in the forums awhile ago. Not being on facebook
    I didn’t know that it was possible, but I don’t take much notice now of the number of followers, unless of course those
    bloggers are not on facebook. 🙂

    Beautiful photos as always. I have updated my RSS feed, thank you again for letting me know. 😀

    1. Wow! Thanks for this link! I never pay any attention to numbers, but now I’ll go and have a look at this. I honestly don’t care about the number of ‘followers’ … it’s the quality LOL

    2. *OMG* … now I have 376 followers!!! LOL I’d added both Facebook and Twitter! Of these 376, 28 are WP followers..

      I would never have noticed this, had you not mentioned it!

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