I Love this Bar

Yesterday, as I was replying to comments, I was thinking about how I appreciate this new function WordPress has added to the navigation bar on top of the window, when you’re signed in. At first, the only thing you saw was the number of ‘likes’ and new subscribers. Now, they’ve added comments too, and you can reply directly from there. We’re all individuals, but this suits me real fine. Every time I commented before, I ticked that box saying ‘notify me of replies in email‘. Sometimes I commented on some blog that got hundreds of comments and my email inbox got all clogged up. So … I love this bar, and this song came to mind 😉

I like these things about WordPress … how nothing is standing still! All of a sudden, some neat little feature is being introduced and almost always it’s a useful one.

That’s all for now, bloggeroos! 🙂

26 Replies to “I Love this Bar”

  1. I hadn’t noticed it was possible to reply to comments up in the top corner until you pointed it out in an earlier post. Meant to tell you that.

    That pop-open section reminds me of the Notifications fly-out in Google+

    Technology is driving all kinds of changes in websites – and like you, I like the newest changes.

    The back-end of the latest version of the self-hosted version of WordPress is a big improvement too.

    1. It’s been more than a year since I’ve had self-hosted. Couldn’t justify the cost of it to my insignificant little writings here, but I LOVED IT!

      IF I ever go for it again, I’ll set it up elsewhere … not GoDaddy.

      1. Good old Toby. I had the pleasure of seeing him close up in a ‘free’ street concert he put on in Richmond, Va. years ago before he struck it big. Toby was great then and he is still going strong. “The real deal”, so to speak. Fun, fun post. By the way, I like the new comment feature too, except sometimes I’m not sure if my comment was actually made or not, since the post comment button is sometimes out of reach.

        1. Oh, that must have been so cool!!! I would have loved to see him live. I’ve always liked him, can’t remember how it started but it was probably when he sang with Wille about a certain type of grass… 🙂
          Not really sure how you mean, about the button being out of reach?!

          1. Sometimes, my comments are long winded(if you haven’t noticed) 😉 , and I can’t toggle my screen high enough to click the post button. I run out of spacehttp://eof737.wordpress.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php.

              1. I just hit the blue “Your Comment” button at this point (look up) and go back to the original comment to solve the problem, if it becomes one. There’s more than one way to skin a cat! 😉

  2. I think I am still lost as to the bar you are referring to ….I have and see the Share and the Like and the Reply was always underneath the last comment….
    I hide all the share buttons behind the Share.
    I never tick the Notify me because of all the comments that keep coming in. i have read and commented and I guess I am done at that time. Maybe I am missing a lot of comments and even reply to mine. I don’t know.

    1. Linda,
      No, it’s the TOP bar, when you’re signed in to WP …the black one! To the right, beside your user-ID, there’s a number ..it changes to orange when you have comments. When you click on that number the comments pop out and you can reply from there.

      I always ticked that box, in order not to miss any reply.. now I’m out of that and have full control over when someone replies. It’s a great thing … for the interaction 😉

  3. Hi,
    I totally agree, a brilliant feature, it does make things a lot easier, especially if you comment on a lot of blogs. I used to go to the “comments I made” page, but of course it only showed a few of the blogs that I commented on not all of them.

    I love the idea the you can reply to that comment if need be from the bar, I think this is one of the best changes WP has done in a long time. 😀

    I loved the video. 🙂

    1. Yes, I think so too … one of the best changes they’ve done in a while! I used the email thing, an unfortunately that made me abstain from commenting on FP blogs, and I really want to see if the other person has replied.

  4. I absolutely love this new feature! It’s awesome! I like how it tells me about my blog as well as other blogs where I’ve left comments. Sometimes I visit so many in a day, I forget where I’ve gone! 🙂

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