oh deer

Saw a deer in the park yesterday! No big deal, one would think … usually we see bunches of them in the winter. Not so this year — they haven’t had to get out of the woods as we’ve had no snow. My blog title — absence of snow — is an outright lie right now; we do have some snow finally. Β Decided to try that border technique again on a darker photo.

Last Sunday, there were four of them in a garden down below our building here. They’re often there but this time I decided to go down there and try and get a better shot of them … they were all lying down, resting in the sun.

I grabbed my camera and bundled up, the winds were really icy after the snowstorm. The thing was, however, when I got down to street level, I could no longer see them. Not without stepping in on somebody’s property, that is, and I didn’t want to do that. Didn’t see anyone to ask permission either. Somehow, the area where they were, is a bit elevated, which I didn’t realize when looking from up here, so this was all I got!

There are usually a few mourning doves, hanging around the feeders in the park. I can honestly say that I haven’t paid all that much attention to them … there are so many pigeons there so they kind of ‘melt in’. Yesterday, I took a shot of one …because only squirrels were around … and I had not noticed before what amazing eyes they have! This isn’t exactly the world’s best shot, but at least you see the eye clearly…[all the pictures are clickable for better viewing].

Since it was Valentine’s Day yesterday, we went out and had a really good supper! No cooking, no dishes to take care of afterwards … great! Today though, might be laundry day!

27 thoughts on “oh deer

  1. David Bennett

    I like the photo of the deer looking at you – framed by the ironwork and the painted wood.

    The deer looks like it might be sitting down?

    Pigeons are lovely too.

  2. magsx2

    I was just thinking about heading off to bed, when I saw your post in my RSS feed.
    I love the effect around the deer, very nice, it does add to the photo I feel, I like it.
    Beautiful clear photos, and your right about the eyes they are so alert, and rather large I think, looks gorgeous on the bird.

    Hubby and I also went out for lunch on the big date day, but unfortunately he had to work that night, so I still had to cook his tea, but at least I didn’t have to cook and wash up twice. πŸ˜€

    1. coolfeline

      Yes, I never noticed that their eyes were that big! And the contour around them..

      Good that you had a lunch out too! Shift work has its downsides, though …

  3. purpleborough

    I like the framed aspect of the first deer; the second one seems to be peeking at you and mourning doves are favorites of mine. I use to have two pair that stayed in and around my yard; one disappeared and then I had three; now I only have one. They mate for life and I feel so sad when I see the one.

  4. orples

    Your first photo looks like a Christmas Card. You could easily make it one, you know. And I can just hear the little dove cooing. Ain’t living in the country grand?

    1. orples

      Parks are the next best thing to actually living among the wildlife. I thought I’d add that to be more to specific to your post as opposed to a general observation as was suggested in my first comment. Sorry, I’m bad.

      1. coolfeline

        no worries … We moved here three years ago. Before that, we lived in a house, where our only neighbours were the raccoons, the marmots and the birds… It was great — that’s the only thing I miss about it; the wildlife!

        1. orples

          I live in suburbs now. I think it is the whippoorwills that I miss the most from my ‘out in the country’ days.

          1. coolfeline

            yeah!!! Their sound — that was so new to me, when I first arrived! Well …many things were new to ME; raccoons and groundhogs too.. πŸ™‚

  5. Northern Narratives

    Your deer photos are wonderful. I think your note about the pigeon is interesting, They do kind of “melt in” and I like people tend not to photo them as much. So I like your pigeon photo and the pigeon eye very much πŸ™‚

    1. coolfeline

      Thanks, Northern πŸ™‚
      Right … you don’t see photos of pigeons very often. For once, this mourning dove was sitting up in a tree, and the light fell on it in a very nice way … otherwise I wouldn’t have paid much attention..

  6. Crowing Crone Joss

    I always feel blessed when i see deer. There is something so grace filled about them. We have a lot of mourning doves here, not as many as we used to have so I’m guessing the Bald Eagles have been feeding on them. I love watching them strut across the driveway – they remind me of little old ladies going shopping for some reason!
    I have one picture of a mourning dove in a tree with snow falling that I just love.

  7. barb19

    I clicked to enlarge all the photos and am amazed at the detail in each one of them. The pigeon is quite clear to see in the tree, and I liked it the best.
    The first one would make a great Christmas card!

  8. Touch2Touch

    Just clicked on the photo and WOW! You are absolutely right. Amazing eyes.
    They are common as dirt here, and I never even thought to look closer.


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