painted border

This morning, I wanted to write  something here, but got so caught up in reading other stuff so the time just flew away. We had a snowstorm over the weekend — it is long gone, but the icy high winds remain. We had some errands to run, Costco, amongst others. The thing about Costco is that you always seem to come away with more stuff than you originally planned!

When that was finished we drove through the park. In some spots, where the wind can’t really get, there’s still snow on the bows and branches. For once, I managed to catch a blue jay, that didn’t have a peanut in his beak!

Came home, processed my pictures and decided to try a tutorial I found this morning [here]. It’s an excellent technique and the guy is refreshing to listen to but I don’t think it’s suitable for all kinds of photos. I’ve only tried it twice [once here on my blue jay photo] and another green one, but I think this works better if you have more of a solid color as a background in the original photo. Anyway … here goes my Jay.

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  1. Skeptical theme bit the dust, I see 🙂

    Lovely bird – unlike anything in Britain – I can see where he got his name from – the little blue and white stripes on the wing coverts (I think that is what they are called) reminds me of the British jay.

    1. Yeah, it was so strange — I thought it looked all different on mine?! 🙂

      The Blue Jay has gorgeous ‘design’ on the back, very intense blue pattern.. The European Jay must be a distant cousin … he has a little blue patch on the wing, otherwise beige..

  2. This is very stunning. I did not go to the tutorial because it would be of no value to me; your photos are lovely but I think this is more stunning.


  3. This is a beautiful photo of a bluejay. A lot of people don’t like the Jays because they’re supposedly bullies in the bird world. I forgive them of their aggressiveness, and try to leave enough food out for the Jay’s and everyone else, dispersed as so not to encourage fights among the species. The bluejay’s beauty is worth of the extra effort it takes to maintain peace in the backyard.

    1. I know, I’ve heard that too, but I try and not put human emotions on wildlife.. they’re all God’s creatures! We live in an apartment building now, so I go to the nearby park to look at them and try to take pictures of them.. I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes on a Blue Jay, when I’d first moved here!

      1. That’s what I’m saying. All animals/bird/fish have their place in this world. Thus, extra food spread about makes everybody happy, less the bullying.

          1. I wish. I find it sad that people can’t see all life as precious including each others, and try to be kind to the beings that cross their paths.

      1. But I did his antique one and loved how it turned out. There has got to be a way to do edges like his in psp. I am on a quest.

  4. Hi,
    A really lovely photo, you can see the feathers in all there glory, and they look so soft. I just feel like reaching out and running a finger over him to feel the softness. 😀

    1. Mags,
      I thought of that too … that I’d like to pat him a little! LOL He wouldn’t appreciate that too much. A little chickadee came at sat down briefly on my finger yesterday, though..
      Thank you!

  5. Great capture on the bluejay, he’s gorgeous. The creative technique you used worked really well with, it looks like a professional job.

    1. Thanks Judee … At first I was disappointed because it looks very different from the tutorial I followed, but then again ..the longer I looked at it, I decided to keep it 🙂

  6. your Blue Jay is gorgeous. I’m a big fan of this bird and put peanuts out every morning form November through May for them. We have a huge poplar tree right near the feeders and it’s like watching a ballet as they land in the tree, swoop tot he feeders and back to the tree. Picture about 18 Blue jays doing this one after the other. I so wish I could video tape it.

    1. Thank you, Joss … That must be a marvellous sight! It’s strange, because no matter how much food there is in this spot in the park, I’ve never seen more than TWO Jays at the same time. In QC I only saw one.. Does your camera have a video function?

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