It wasn’t my fault…

Somewhere, deep down in my gut, I felt something still wasn’t right with the TV. Now, we could view the HD channels, but the little blue light didn’t come on, on the box and it didn’t feel like HD quality. So … yesterday I called them up again. Went through pretty much the same steps as before. When the resolution was right, their ‘menu/guide’ turned so huge so it was unreadable. They realized it wasn’t ME, so today,which is Sunday, they’re sending someone here to fix it.

Yesterday was a snowday — now I’m looking out over the most gorgeous Winter Wonderland you could imagine — we stayed at home so I had all the time imaginable to deal with that TV-mess.  There are still high winds today and rather cold, -12°C or 10,4° for you who are still on Fahrenheit 😉

Played a little with Photoshop last night … tried to cut out a duck from a photo… i.e. removing the background, but I started too late — I was tired and it wasn’t perfect around the edges. With St. Valentine’s Day coming up soon, I guess I was a little inspired to make this instead.

On a totally different note; I really like how you now can reply to comments from the top bar here. This is also a thing that I love about WordPress; how they are constantly improving … things are going on all the time … all of a sudden, out of the blue, they’re pushing a handy little feature like that.

5 thoughts on “It wasn’t my fault…

  1. David Bennett

    6°C here – almost balmy.

    About cutting out ducks – did you notice that the photographs in the John McWade video have plain backgrounds?

    I am going to try to keep that bit of information in my mind and photograph some things against plain backgrounds – ready for the ‘cut’.

    1. coolfeline

      yes, and I looked through my duck file — which is extensive *LOL* — and tried to choose an image that wasn’t too ‘busy’… but now I’ll bear that in mind when I ‘shoot’ them. I still think I could have done a better job on that one last night, but I lost patience 🙂


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