breaking a new year’s resolution

I never make resolutions at all, but this year I had one; NOT to take part in any online challenges. After the One Post a Day in WordPress, that I completed, I felt that enough is enough. Around New Years I saw several, interesting looking challenges going around, but I thought ‘no, no way I’m going to be mixed up in that again’!

However … and this is big ‘however’… yesterday I came across one challenge via another blogger, and this looks like fun and now very … ‘intrusive’. Intrusive, in this case, meaning like the photo-a-day, that I took part in twice. That felt like a burden after a while.

This is the Share Your World project, started by Cee. Each week she’ll post four new questions about yourself or the area you live in. A weekly little thing that I definitely can do πŸ™‚

The subject for this week was to post three of your favourite pictures so I’ll start off with that! These are three of my images, that I’ve shot over the last three years, that I’m happy with. There are more…

14 Replies to “breaking a new year’s resolution”

  1. Nice photos. And a cool idea. MIght have to try it. I take a photo a week of the same thing. Kind of fun to review the set to see how things change in just one area. There is a Swedish site where they give a subject and you post 3 photos. Once a week. I am certainly not good enough to post there so I do it on my own. just for fun. I do the friday photo challenge here on WP. But will have to check out this one,

    1. Thanks Julie! Yes, its very nice — she gives you three little questions, so that’s something to write about! I need that. I’m happy to see you here πŸ™‚

  2. I’m glad you participated – New Years Resolutions are meant to be broken, didn’t you know? Great pictures, I love the tree bloming there all by itself, and those tiny baby ducks – how ever did you manage that? Love the water drops on the last one against the black form. I can just feel them ready to drop.

    1. Thanks Judee πŸ™‚ Yes, and I felt like this is a nice little challenge that I can take part in …nothing too big. I sure was lucky with those pictures …it was all up to the ducks! πŸ™‚

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