cross-border shopping

We took the little trip to Calais, ME yesterday, so now I’ve turned the green slip in my passport, back to the Americans. It was due on February 17th, and if I’d miss that, I could never go back there again. Each time we go on this trip, I bring my camera but never shoot any photos. It’s a one-hour-drive along a highway, so even if I saw something I wanted to shoot, there aren’t any real good places to pull in. There’s IS one spot …with a spectacular view of little islands and the ocean, but there you’d need to get up higher to get a good picture.

Two years ago, though … and as I’m typing up this post, I see that it was two years ago to the day!!!, we met a Bald Eagle along that very highway. I noticed something BIG, coming flying right towards us … he landed on the snowbank, and we pulled over, even though it was against all rules. As I got out of the car, he, of course, lifted but landed again in a nearby tree. Such an iconic bird! After eight years in North America, I still get the same feeling of being so blessed when I see them.

You guys must think I have an obsession with eagles, but it’s just that I used to look at their pictures when I lived in Sweden and dream of what it would be like seeing one in real life … would never have imagine that I actually would!

Calais, Maine is a small, sleepy little border town, but they do have WalMart and a reasonably big grocery store [Hannaford]. I didn’t buy anything except some cheese. If you want to do some serious shopping, you’d have to go to Bangor. There, they have a mall. I’ve never been there … only seen Bangor in a distance.

When I got up yesterday morning, the moon was still out and visible, in spite of the almost-daylight. I grabbed my camera as I realized it was only a matter of minutes before it would vanish … didn’t have time to bring out  the tripod … got out on the balcony in just my nightdress. Planted my elbows firmly on the railing and it didn’t turn out too bad considering… It looks a little better when you click on it.

8 thoughts on “cross-border shopping

  1. Hi,
    The Eagles are magnificent animals, I have only seen them in wildlife parks and zoo’s, it would be awesome to see them free flying through the air, or like you have captured just sitting and watching.

    I like your photo of the moon, but I laughed when I read you run out in your nightdress to get the shot. 🙂 It was worth it, a very nice photo.

    1. It was a bit cold, but at least we’re on the top floor and nobody would see me. 🙂

      Have you noticed that we can reply to comments directly from the bar now?! It’s kind of cool…

  2. The bald eagle is a magnificent bird, and you captured him well; its a really good shot of him.
    Your moon shot turned out good too, as it sits over that sleepy little town (hope you didn’t get a chill in your nightie)! 😉

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