Yesterday could have been a real good day, had not our friendly Bell, the TV/phone/Internet provider screwed up the TV. They’d made a, what they called, «upgrade», overnight last night … something, mainly for they who had fibre-op, I guess. I dreaded turning it on. I knew I had to adjust something about the screen size, which seemed easy enough. When I did it, the TV-guide …the grid where you see all the programming, turned so big so most parts of it were outside the screen. Not only that; we’d also lost all HD and there were channels missing on the list! I could no longer watch CNN in HD. There was no way to avoid it — I had to call them! Talked with four different people before the channel issue was sorted out. I’m not sure if the picture size is really alright, but at least we can see all the columns in the grid. I loathe stuff like this … in fact I ‘prefer’ dealing with computer issues. This TV stuff is too frustrating and I have no control.

This carpet cleaning company’s vans always makes me smile, though…it reminds me of a story my husband told me; His mother had once seen a cat licking a dalmatian … like it was trying to get the spots off it!

Today, we’re off to the glorious state of Maine — we didn’t go the other day as planned.

8 thoughts on “dalmatian

  1. I am reverberating with the cleverness of the cleaning company logo.

    We tend to watch TV with the room lights dim and I sometimes hit the ‘wrong’ button on the remote.

    The latest misadventure turned everyone on-screen into waddling square people. It is quite salutary how action heroes and heroines lose their panache when they are shaped like a house.

    So, that’s when I discovered the ‘Aspect’ button on the remote. 16:9 works best and makes everything look natural on our TV.

    1. Yeah, it’s a clever ad …stain removal 🙂

      16:9 is what I have it set to. It’s something with the other — it’s not on the TV itself. There are settings in Bell’s router also [the box may be called something else]..

      People look so stupid when the picture is wrong …sometimes they get all drawn out, sideways..

  2. Hi,
    Why is it that the powers that be want to change things, knowing that it will cause problems for some people. I agree TV’s can be a pain when something goes wrong.

    I love the van, that is just so cute. 😀

    1. Yeah, I don’t know what this change was good for, but it must have been for the fibre-op people. They wired the whole city, but we can’t get it ..

      Sometimes I like change …it all depends..

  3. I hate it when things like that happen and you know you are going to have to call them to sort it out; it takes forever sometimes, talking to one person, then relaying your story to another, etc.
    Very clever and appealing advertising on the van!

    1. Yeah, I get all nervous and flustered when I have to talk with them … even though these guys are here in North America, at least. I don’t think I was even able to explain the problem properly at first … Grrr..

      Yeah, I keep seeing these vans and they make me smile 🙂

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