I have lots of them! Not any serious ones that bother me … only little ones, like WP-themes, layouts and fonts. With such an insignificant, little blog as mine here, that might sound silly but that’s who I am. In this free version of WP you can only edit so much, and it becomes sort of a challenge in itself. I’ve been looking at lots of themes here … some I really like until I discover that they’ve used Verdana font, which I don’t like … or some other little detail that nobody else would probably notice. [Verdana is alright when it’s small like this] Of course, you can change font for your posts, but then I’d have to remember that each time I post. Changing the colour of the font isn’t very wise, in case you change theme later on …it might become invisible.

I still think $30 per year is too much, just for the pleasure of being able to customize. They would probably make more money out of that feature if they lowered the price.

Yesterday, I had so much fun with a tutorial link that I’d found thanks to Judee’s blog. At first I just followed the steps, but later I started to play around with it. It’s strange that I find learning and playing with all this so rewarding, when nothing really comes out of it. I mean … I can sit here and make these things until I’m blue in the face and nobody will ever notice … or rather, what is it good for?! Me, having fun, I guess would be the answer to that.

I liked the colour scheme of this one.

Woke up, briefly, around three o’clock this morning and the full moon was shining … way up in the sky. I was thinking, I’d sleep about an hour more …then the moon would be ‘ripe’ for a shot … closer to the horizon. Well … I woke up 7:30 when it was already daylight! Most of the times, I don’t get any shots of the moon when it’s close to the horizon because there’s a river behind it — mist or clouds hanging over it all the time. Today we have the refreshing temperature of -17Β°C so it was a clear night. Here’s another one from 2009 instead…

16 thoughts on “hang-ups

  1. David Bennett

    It occurs to me that Automattic might start retiring some of the older free themes as they update the WP code, and then only introduce Premium themes with the new themes…

    1. coolfeline

      That could be a way to go… They really could consider retiring some of the old, and perhaps also look into inactive accounts — many have been inactive for ten years..

  2. Judee

    That turned out lovely! Lavender is such a soft color, so pretty. And having fun, well, that’s what it’s supposed to be about, right? πŸ™‚

    I have spent so much time going through themes, and yes, the text often is the problem – only I didn’t even know you could change it – most of my themes don’t have anything where you can change font other than the little box that says Paragraph, Heading 1, etc, and even those don’t work half the time. Or were you talking about changing it in the html tab – that would be a constant royal pain.

    Customizatiuon would be nice, but I know so little about css and whatever other languages it takes, I’d probably make a mess!

  3. Judee

    PS, sorry, got rambling. meant to add, I think you have customized this theme very nicely. And thank you for the pingback!

  4. Linda Bourgeois

    It is very pretty, and I for one, care. It looks like ribbon candy to me and the moon shot is gorgeous. We had a full moon the night before last. I enjoyed looking at it but knew I did not have the expertise, nor camera, to try to take a shot.

    I could not even play with whatever you’ll are playing with to make such cool images.

    1. coolfeline

      Thank you, Linda … that moon shot was from 2009, and I keep thinking it would appear there the same time in the morning some time but it never does LOL … I never know where it will appear.

      It’s a nice pastime in the evenings πŸ™‚

  5. barb19

    I love seeing what you come up with when you play around with Photoshop, and this design is gorgeous with it’s soft and pretty colours. You were wondering what do you get out of it – what about self satisfaction, achievement and enjoyment! You are doing it for you.
    Love the moon shot, it’s very sharp and clear.

    1. coolfeline

      Right … that’s so true, and I really enjoy it. Sometimes it can be a real kick..

      I was so happy with that shot, but it seems it was a once in a life time ..

  6. magsx2

    It looks like you are having a heap of fun with photoshop, I love what you have designed, it is really pretty.
    The photo of the moon is really outstanding, it doesn’t matter when the photo was taken, it is a fantastic shot, well done. πŸ™‚

    I have stayed with the Twenty Ten theme on WP because I’m happy with it, and yesterday they changed it and Twenty Eleven. These themes now have what they call a continuing scroll on the front page, it just keeps going. 😦 A lot of people are not happy going by the forum. Some had customized their blog with the CSS upgrade, and now all widgets on the bottom of the blogs home page no longer exist.

    1. coolfeline

      Wowzer …they changed it, just like that?! That’s COLD! I understand they must be mad when they lost all their customizations….

      I pretty much like this one here now, because I have a choice where to put the nav bar. I don’t like it when it’s above the banner. I really like a theme named Garland, but there you can’t put in a header of your own, and since I now like making all this stuff, I at least want to be able to do that! πŸ™‚

        1. coolfeline

          oh, I have time πŸ™‚ Just went there and read the whole thing. I feel their anger and frustration! No one from WP responding so far. They really should turn it to being optional.. Imagine those still on dial-up! The page will never finished loading! I smiled a little when I saw the expression Β«book on toilet paperΒ»..


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