photo editing

A great chunk of this weekend, I’ve  spent reading online about Photoshop. I have it now [CS4], but I’ve been without it for three years. Besides, when I had it, three years ago, I never really did photo editing with it — basically I just created background tiles, glossy eggs and spheres. That’s how I spent my leisure time back then. Lousy TV?! Make an egg instead … or things like this!

Since then, the DSLR camera has come into my life, and I find myself in a whole different world, with regards to Photoshop. I was self-taught, like probably most other people, and now I must teach myself new things.

Basically, there are two tools I want to get the full grasp of; Levels and Curves. One thing  is also to find sites/tutorials that fits you. Some are written on such a scientific level that I feel it’s just beyond me. Could be a language issue too … either way, there are hundreds to choose from.

Last night it was Super Bowl. I don’t care for that at all, as football to me will always be what they call soccer here. It screwed up my watching Downton Abbey a little too.

A few posts back, I wrote something about blogging honestly — not caring what other people might think. So far, I’ve stuck to my goal and it feels good. It’s none of my businesses what the others think and I can’t do anything about it anyway. I’m soon to be fifty seven years old and getting to be more and more comfortable in my own skin. Still young at heart. Many years ago, I had a little Chinese woman commenting on my blogs regularly. I had the impression it was a young girl, but she turned out to be sixty four years old! In that case, I think it was the language barrier that put me under the impression she was a very young person …almost a child. It was quite interesting to read about her life and surroundings — gives you sort of a perspective on your own life — but she couldn’t get in to WordPress or Blogger when we moved [Yahoo shut down the blogging site they had].

12 thoughts on “photo editing

    1. coolfeline

      It is … not that I’m fully *there* yet, but still — lots better than say, twenty years ago…

      I’m in awe of them too 🙂

  1. magsx2

    I would love to have photoshop, I obviously have never used it, but I think it would be something that would be fun to learn, especially at the beginning, I can just imagine how funny some of the photos would turn out with me clicking on the wrong thing. 🙂

    Isn’t it funny the different pictures we have in our minds about how other bloggers look, or how old they may be. Sometimes I have come close when I see an actual photo of that person, other times way off base. 😀

    1. coolfeline

      Yes, it’s a lot of fun but also a lot to learn. Very rewarding, though … when you put your new knowledge to work.

      Yeah, that was funny about the Chinese woman … I was convinced it was a young girl. I don’t think I could ever come across as exactly the same person in English as in Swedish.

  2. AlohaKarina

    Wow. Your graphic image is so amazing. WOW!!

    I don’t have Photoshop either. I had just gotten it when my computer died and we went with a Mac…and I just couldn’t spend the money on a new version. Too much! I did have an old version of Photoshop Elements, but after a while that didn’t work any longer–the program got too old. Someday…! 🙂

    Great post. I agree, too–be yourself, no matter what anyone else things. That’s the best way to be, and it will come across in your writing. Bravo!

    1. coolfeline

      Thank you, Karina! I like to make those glossy things 🙂
      It was something similar that happened to me …why I’ve been without it for three years. In the meantime I’ve had Paint Shop Pro, which really isn’t bad at all!

      yes, I’m going to get really good at being me LOL

  3. Judee

    I bought CS4 awhile back, then upgraded to CS5, and still don’t know a whole lot about it. I really keep thinking I’m gong to follow some of the online tutorials at Adobe, but never seem to take thet ime to do it, then when I need it for something I have no idea what to do, ha!

    I may have to reinstall Paint Shop Pro – or Photopro or whatever they call it now. At least with that, I know where to go to do what. It’s just that i saved a long tie to get PS and am stubborn about needing to learn it. May<be someday…

    1. coolfeline

      I still have Paint Shop Pro on my computer. I’ve never really looked in to the tutorials at Adobe’s own web site … I’ve just googled random ones, and now, lately about particular tools. I love this stuff!!! 🙂


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