downloaded a new font, started playing around in Photoshop, so I almost forgot to, both drink my coffee, and smoke. That says a great deal as both of those things are important to me when I wake up in the morning. The font is in the header. It’s nice, but very strange … if a small A comes first in a word it screws up the whole thing. Capital A is alright. I realize that it must have to do with Photoshop — just brought it up in Notepad and it worked properly.

Two photos from yesterday — a rather typical, red brick, street in our city, and a not at all typical, steeple. The, so called, Stone Church, has a very different, Gothic, architecture, from all other churches here.

8 thoughts on “engrossed

  1. Hi,
    The font is gorgeous, I love the way the capitols are done, very stylish.
    The work that used to go into building some of these old Church’s were amazing, I love the steeples, and when you look closely at them you can see the amount of work it must of taken to build these, unreal architecture. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I often think of that — what tremendous amount of work they put in to stuff like this back then. Up close one can see the ugly little gargoyles. I will try and get a closer shot of it some time..

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