multi faceted

Being a huge fan of order, straight lines and no clutter, it’s amazing that my booksmarks are in such terrible disarray. At some point, I gave up, so now … year after year, they have just been exported and imported from one computer to another. Every now and then I start to go through them, but it soon gets too overwhelming.

This makes it hard to find stuff that I’ve liked, but recent years I’ve at least been using Google Bookmarks … I have a little short-cut in my bookmarks bar in the browser.

As I got up this morning, I had a song in my mind … went to YouTube to find it and realized I had not even added it to my favourites there.

Profound, poignant …powerful emotions!

Sometimes, when I feel like writing in my little blog here … when I come up with something I could write about … I think ‘naw…I’ve already written today, I don’t want to clog up peoples’  inboxes!’ Those are the times when «save draft» would come in handy but I tend to forget about that too!

Last year, when the Post a Day started, I was pretty good at it — I’d made up a whole slough of posts to have in store … for all those days when I was clueless about what to write. At least I’ve been true to myself so far; only written straight out of my mind — not thinking about others.

Yesterday, I fed this guy some peanuts…

9 Replies to “multi faceted”

  1. Hi,
    Love the video, and what a beautiful bird, it seems he is really enjoying that peanut, I think you may have a friend for life there. 🙂

  2. I love that video of Leonard Cohen, it gives me goosebumps, the words are so beautiful and meaningful. Thank you Rebekah – I shared it on my FB page.
    Great shot of the little blue bird against the white of the snow; he’s enjoying those peanuts!

    1. Yeah, Cohen is a great poet, Barb… Thanks for sharing it too. Yes, he like the peanuts. They look funny when they hold them in their beaks, and hit them against a branch or something to break them open.

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