groundhog day

It’s Groundhog Day — a whole day devoted to one of my favourite animals! It gives me an opportunity to post one of the hundreds of photos I have of groundhogs … the one I like the best.

I never forget the first time I saw a groundhog [or marmot]! I’d just arrived here in Canada, and I saw an unbelievably cute little animal out on the lawn. I asked my husband … Β«what IS it???Β», and he just shrugged and said ‘it’s a groundhog’.

Now we live in an apartment building so we have neither groundhogs nor raccoons. This picture was shot up on the hill across the road. The mother had gotten a hold of the peanut and the little one wanted in on it.

8 thoughts on “groundhog day

    1. cool feline

      They are indeed! πŸ™‚ People with gardens, generally consider them as a pest. We had a whole, little family living in our backyard when we still lived in QC..

  1. magsx2

    A great shot, I love how the “paw?” is just resting on the others tummy, very cute indeed. πŸ˜€
    I also have never seen a groundhog, not even at a zoo. πŸ™‚

  2. barb19

    They are so cute and I love that photo. We don’t have them here in Oz unfortunately, so I guess I’ll never ever see one. 😦


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