Happy February

I entitled this whole blog «Absence of Snow» because this is the first snowless winter I’ve ever experienced … and today when I got out of bed, there’s a total white-out! No point in even trying to take a picture of it as it’s just … white. Now, this won’t last long — we’ll get rain in a few hours so I better enjoy it while it lasts. Picture is from last snowfall.

First day of February is upon us. Quite often I find that I pronounce the word February without the first R. It just seem to roll off the tongue easier that way and I don’t seem to be alone about this — I hear people even on the news saying ‘Febuary’.

Last night I read a blog that had been ‘freshly pressed’. Most of the times it’s the picture that draws me to click on a blog there and this  time it was a girl in Finland, who had awesome snow photos. She wrote very eloquently and I felt I wanted to leave a comment. The thing was, however, when I was finished commenting and about to post it, I ticked the little box saying «notify me about new comments».  I must have kind of forgotten that this was a ‘fresly pressed’ blog. You can imagine my email inbox this morning! LOL

The white duck was still in the park yesterday. When I got there, two guys in a van from the municipality, was taking pictures of it with their cellphones!

The other mallards seemed happy enough too, in spite of the icy waters. People feed them so they won’t go south in the Winter.

Sometimes people sit in their cars, right beside the big sign that tells you NOT to feed them, and pour out white bread.

3 thoughts on “Happy February

    1. cool feline

      She’s still there! 🙂 I’ve sent in the picture to the local newspaper … we’ll see what the nature guy there says. They have that column about birds every Saturday.

      Still snowing … and in the afternoon we’ll have pouring rain. This is the saddest winter I’ve ever seen … snow-wise.

  1. barb19

    I would love some snow – it’s hot and humid here!
    Love the duck pics, and nice to see the white one is still there. Wonder why those guys were photographing the ducks? Perhaps they had the same idea as you about sending it to the local paper, so watch out for an article on that little white duck!


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