The other day, I read a blog post by a woman in my blogging circle, who had summarized what she had accomplished during the month of January, with regards to the goals she’d set for herself. I was in awe! I told her in the comments ‘I don’t have any goals’!!! I’m leading a totally aimless life LOL.  I want to shoot better photos, but I don’t know why except that it’s rewarding for me … myself!

I’m thinking right now that it actually could be a goal to write in this blog here and not care at all who reads and what they might think. What other people think is none of my business 🙂

Basically, I shoot pictures of ducks … and our cat. Right now there’s a white mallard in the pond so I went back there today to see if it still was there, and it was, so here goes:

14 thoughts on “Goals

  1. purpleborough

    Oh, about the goals. I think goals are great and if the person does not get upset if the goals are not met. I have simple goals.

    Obviously, I think you should write whatever and who cares what others may think. I can agree or disagree and have been doing so lately; I feel more real this way.

    1. cool feline

      I probably should set up little goals for myself too … get more structure in my life. The first will be to write here … as ‘myself’, not trying to please anyone but myself.

  2. Balu

    Nice blog and a nice duck. Even I’m thinking of setting some practical goals after reading your blog 🙂

  3. Pocket Perspectives

    What a beautiful duck…and a wonderful photo… I tend to not make actual goals, but I seem to accomplish quite a lot….I think that I must come up with “action in the moment”…it seems to work for me. I tend to get overwhelmed by actual “goals,” but see they are effective for many people.
    I like your idea of just blogging and not concerning yourself with the reactions of others…I hope you’ll post more photos of your cat and ducks??

    1. cool feline

      Thanks! Well, that’s one thing that’s certain — here will be duck- and cat photos! 🙂 Lots…
      I tend to easily become overwhelmed by stuff, but for once in my life I’ll give myself this goal: to write without holding myself back. I’ve done that all the time before…

  4. magsx2

    It’s nice to see this beautiful duck is still around, it is obviously very happy in this lovely spot.

    I always have a goal, I’m not happy unless I do, it took me nearly 22 years to achieve a special goal of mine, I had a lot of simple little goals in-between of course, but I got there, with a lot of hard work and faith in myself I suppose is one way of putting it. 😀

    1. cool feline

      Wow … this really gives me something to think about! It sounds so nice — I’m going to start thinking more about goals too. Perhaps it would be good for me?! Your comment sort of tickles my imagination … wondering what it was that took 22 years?! *giggle*

    1. coolfeline

      Thank you … She was very pretty, but unfortunately not there anymore…maybe she felt ostracised from the duck community 🙂


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