Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

This is an old photo from 2005, while we still lived in Quebec. We had raccoons coming to our back porch each night — we had no neighbours so I used to put out a little something for them. Before 2004, I’d never seen a raccoon in real life. The first time I looked a raccoon in the eyes, it was Love!

Here, we’d decided that Elmer, as we’d named him, should experience a little Hallowe’en spirit, so we put a few marshmallows inside the pumpkin and put it out there. This picture was shot through a glass door, so it’s a little photoshopped to get rid of the glare from the flash.

Two years later … here he’s just lifting off the cover of the pumpkin, with his little hands.

And here — he’s really going for the marshmallows! 


I miss the raccoons. Thought Elmer’s and the pumpkin’s rounded shape would do well for this week’s photo topic.

9 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Round”

    1. They were so much fun to watch, and there were cute little furball babies each Spring.The other night, I watched some nature programme on TV about urban raccoons … how well they adapt to city life.

  1. They're so cute! Now if only they didn't tear up the bird feeders and steal from the garden…

  2. I’ve always liked raccoons… The other night, I looked out on the porch to check on the outside cats’ food. To my surprise there was a big fat raccoon , so I guess, I have been feeding the local scrounger.. He was joined by a white (albino) possum.. WOW, the coon was not happy, he spat at the possum.. I took pictures through the door.. I haven’t seen the raccoon back

    1. LOL oh, for sure you have, if you put food out! That must really have been something to watch … and albino too!

      While we still lived there, at one point the raccoon baby — who grew up to be huge like his father — wouldn’t let his own mother eat, even!

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