Easter has arrived with some nice, warm sunshine! Yesterday … Good Friday, when everything was closed here in Saint John, we just drove around a little and enjoyed the Spring. The wind was still a little chilly but still… not a cloud in the sky. Except from this ‘cloud factory’ … there’s vapor emerging  from the pulp mill.

Some time ago, I watched a nature program on TV about crows. It was fantastic, the research they’d done on crows — which isn’t the most popular bird, perhaps — I never forget it. I said afterwards that I’ll never look at crows the same way again.

They were pretty amazing, how they could use tools to get to food, and recognize peoples’ faces.

This about tools, I witnessed yesterday in the park. Someone had left a pile of stale, white bread beside the lake.

It was quite amazing to see how it picked up the bread, took it to the water and wetted it before eating it. Who likes stale bread anyway?! 🙂 You can click on each picture for better viewing. They can be pretty cool birds, but they’re mean to eagles and I don’t like that. I often have to hold myself back from applying human emotions on wildlife.

The wigeon has probably heard that white bread isn’t good for you — they didn’t care about it at all!

After my two, previous, lengthy posts … this will be it!

Happy Easter, bloggeroos!

9 Replies to “Crows”

  1. Great shots, I can count the feathers.
    I have no great fondness for crows, but do respect them for their qualities of intelligence (and sometimes for their "in your face" attitude).

  2. Beautiful crow photos. I guess our feelings might depend on our "crow histories."
    I know they can be pests but my mom loved crows, (along with almost all of the other outcast animals) and she would speak with admiration of their intelligence.
    I watched one untie a trash bag once. It took a lot of patience and manipulation, I had to admire him.
    Happy Easter R

    1. They're so black, so it's sometimes difficult to set the exposure..
      Yes, like I said … that programme I watched really change my outlook on crows. Back home, I used to enjoy watching magpies — they always seemed to be up to something — but here there are none.

  3. The waves look kinda dreamy in the first photo and I was just wondering if you used your new filter Rebekah. Nice effect!
    I don't particularly like crows, but they are quite intelligent birds; sometimes when they look you in the eye you can see their brain trying to work out what you're going to do – shoo them away to feed them! I hate the noise they make. They are so black, and actually quite a good looking bird if you look closely enough.

    1. Barb,
      Yes, it's the new filter! It's so cool … now that I'm beginning to understand 🙂
      Once I threw two peanuts at two crows that were sitting around. They waited until I got back into the car before they took them. The following day, they sat there again … sort of looking at me, waiting …

      Can't stand the sound either.

  4. I have seen that show about crows. They are amazing. we have around 6 or so that live near our farm. They rarely come near the house but I can hear them often.

    I cannot imagine shops being closed on Good Friday here. People are way too greedy to do that!! Now some are even starting to open for part of Christmas. That is awful.

    1. Oh yeah?! Wasn't that an interesting show! In the park, there's a spot where they really congregate. But they're funny because they never go to that place where all the feeders are. They could go there and eat all the stuff that people put out for the squirrel and little birds … but they don't. It's like they had an agreement LOLI don't think many places are like here in New Brunswick nowadays … that everything is totally closed except the convenience stores, but it's good.

      1. I sort of wish stores closed for more holidays. Things are always open and always busy. Be nice for the workers to have family time. And to respect the holiday. but that will never happen here.

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