Palm Sunday

We’ve already done 107 days of this year! Time really flies, huh?! I woke up at 7 o’clock, like I do every day. It’s like I have a built-in clock. Seven makes me think of George Costanza … he wanted to name any kid he and Susan would have «Seven». There’s almost not any event in life where you can’t apply a Seinfeldian expression.

Yesterday, I went and bought a filter for my camera. It’s an ND [neutral density] filter. It was a bright and sunny day so that was good for trying it out. It takes a little getting used to it … how to adjust it … how much to apply, but at the end of the day I was slowly getting there.

Went down to the Reversing Falls, where water is moving most of the time — except when it’s slack tide.

Here the tide is running out. A few hours later, and the water would have been running in the opposite direction. It’s pretty cool! This is one phenomenon Saint John is known for … highest tides in the world.

In these pictures, the water had just started to run out — at the end of the cycle, it gets rather powerful. When I first came here, I’d heard so much about the tides and the Reversing Falls. For my inner vision, I saw waterfalls going up and down LOL. I still think the name is misleading … should be the Reversing Rapids. Besides, you’d have to spend some time there to appreciate the phenomenon. Personally I think it’s best if you get there at slack tide … when it’s all standing still. That only lasts about twenty minutes and then it starts to either run in our out. That’s when you can see change! All the tourist busses from the cruise ships, that they bring down there … they get there, they see water running either in or out — doesn’t mean much.

I won’t go into the technicalities of this filter. I’ll have to read up on it to fully take advantage of it. It’s a Fader ND filter and you can create slow shutter speed in bright daylight.

Next sunny day, I’ll go out and practice more, but that won’t be today. Today we’re under a weather warning … strong winds and rain. This filter will be very useful because in almost 100% of the cases, it’s sunny and bright when Gerry and I go out somewhere, and if I find a waterfall, I won’t have to wait until nightfall to get that silky smooth effect of the water.

This was my very first attempt yesterday … a little stream in Rockwood Park.

7 Replies to “Palm Sunday”

  1. love the hues of the bottom picture ; very very nice. Did you know that East Hants County in N.S. claims to be the 'home of the world's highest recorded tides?' Down at burntcoat lighthouse, there are amazing tides but like you say, unless you're there for both the 'in' and 'out' it doesn't really impact you that much. I love being around water. Even being next to the river here blesses my soul.

    1. Joceline,
      No, I didn't know that … only that the Bay of Fundy had the highest tides. I'm pretty sure we'll be going to NS this summer. I'm looking forward to that very much. Will probably drive around instead of taking the Digby boat. We have a friend in Truro … will probably go and see him too.

      I too, love being close to water. Maybe because I grew up where I did, and SJ is very similar. I really ended up in the right place 🙂

      1. We should try to meet if you're coming to NS. Unless you're taking the major highway you would actually drive right by my house on your way to Truro. I know we are kinda strangers but also kinda friends so might be neat to 'see' each other irl as they say! You are most welcome to stop in for tea or coffee or a meal or even overnight!From: notifications@intensedebatemail.comTo: jossva@northnovacable.caSubject: kattsby replied to your comment on Palm Sunday

  2. Very nice photos! You got the nasty weather that we had here. Hope it is nicer to you than it has been earlier.

  3. Great photos Rebekah – I love the way the water looks – is that because of the filter you are using?

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