This Saturday Morning…

looks really good to me! When I go to the eaglecam to watch the family first, there’s always the risk that no blog at all will be written. It’s so fascinating. Today, the nest was full of snow! It rained there (Iowa) yesterday, and apparently it turned into snow overnight. There’s a social stream beside the camera [FB, Twitter, AOL], and people really worry about them.

Yesterday, I was playing around with the header image here. The theme [Suffusion] I use for my WordPress blog here is the best, because you can make anything you want with it. They really wouldn’t need any other teme … this has it all!

For a while, I haven’t had any image at all but decided to put one in yesterday. The one you’re seeing right now is of East Quoddy Light and it was shot from Deer Island. I have oodles of photos, obvioulsy, but it’s really difficult to find one that is suitable for being turned into a header. You have to resize it … you lose in quality or it doesn’t work at all.

I’ve come up with a kind of technique that works pretty well … I open a new image with the exact measurements of the header. Open the photo that I want for a header. Then I can see the proportions, so I turn down the viewing of the photo to the percentage that is closest to the other one’s size, but a little larger. Take a screen shot of it.

Then I paste that screen shot on to the new, empty image as a layer, and can move it around until it looks good. This is something I’ve come up with myself, and I don’t know but I have this feeling I don’t lose as much in quality this way.

Many other themes have this where you upload a picture and then get a chance to crop it right then and there, but then you must be even more careful to choose a suitable image.

Am. Wigeon couple and a Mallard

This just turned out  to be a lot of talk about the technicalities of WordPress. I’m going out to buy a filter for my camera today and I’m feeling really excited about that! 🙂 The decision has matured so that I’m now ready to go for it. It’s called a ‘fading filter’. My ‘mentor’ Ivon, who works in the photo shop posted some pictures in FB a while back, when he had just gotten the filter and I was hooked… We’ll see this afternoon, if I’ve been able to produce anything.

There was a nice light yesterday … for shooting ducks.


5 Replies to “This Saturday Morning…”

  1. I like the header image you have put on your blog Rebekah, you have done a great job fitting it on here without losing the quality of the photo. Interesting way you did it – how do you take a screen shot?
    Nice photo of the ducks – enjoy using your new filter!

    1. Hi Barb, and thanks :)You just hit PRNT SCRN on your keyboard. Then open any editor … everyone has PAINT, and do the paste [CTRL + V]. Then you have a picture of everything that was on your screen when you hit PRNT SCRN. Then you can just crop out what you want..

  2. Yeah, it's pretty cool. I was watching the eaglecam today, and took a shot of them!I have Windows7, and with it came a so called Snipping Tool, which basically does the same thing but easier..

  3. Blogg looks good. I have a program that takes great screen prints. Ashampoo Snap 3. Got it free one day. Several programs from that company were offered free. Took advantage. Use Snap 3 the most.

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