*OMG* I lolled myself all the Way to the Bank

Could hardly believe my ears when I heard it last night … OMG, FYI and LOL are now in the Oxford Dictionary! Gerry and I literally LOL:ed when we heard it. We’ve been saying LOL, jokingly, sometimes when we’re out and see something funny. I wouldn’t have imagined that they would accept this as a word, but now it’s there. I don’t think most of us speak like text messages or tweets. Or do we?

I don’t do texting at all, but that’s just because I don’t have anyone to text with. Besides, my subscription only came with so many text messages a month, so I would probably feel a little limited, even if I knew a whole bunch of people. With all the apps … Twitter, Facebook, email and so on, already on the phone, I don’t feel that I’m missing anything.

Yesterday, I saw the first colts foot and a Robin so for me, Spring has officially sprung. The Canada Geese, I’ve seen several days now.

It’s still a very brown Spring, but with a little warmth that will soon change and we’ll see little flowers and other birds.

We went to see an old lady in a nursing home yesterday. We go there every now and then and it never fails to bring me down. This time, I tried to walk quickly through to the elevator, and not look so much, but just the universal smell of nursing home brings out a feeling of … I don’t know … depression?! Or perhaps, rather scare! I’m scared out of my wits to end up like that.

Now that I’ve reach an age where I’m beginning to feel that my future is somewhat finite, it’s inevitable not to think about this every now and then. Especially during those visits, like yesterday.

The conversations get more confused each time we go there, but she’s 98 so that’s just what could be expected. She’s still quite amazing!

FYI, the sun is shining, it’s a crisp morning, and I hope you all will get lots of LOL today.

7 Replies to “*OMG* I lolled myself all the Way to the Bank”

  1. No texting here either. I shudder to think of how damaged the thumbs of people who text a lot are going to be in a few years. They just aren't meant for that kind of repetitive action. I will admit to being guilty of using OMG and LOL, on occasion, however.

    1. Louise,
      Yeah … who isn't guilty of that! LOL
      For the ones with an onscreen keyboard, I think the texting must have become easier on the thumbs.

  2. OMG, LOL FYI now in the dictionary – really? Unbelievable – standards are slipping even more.
    So you saw your first coltsfoot and a robin – now you know Spring is definitely there!
    I know what you mean about visiting nursing homes, they are depressing places at the best of times. My mother is in one in the UK and of course I will be visiting her when I go over in September (she will be 91 next month). I'm looking forward to seeing her but I am kinda dreading it too – not knowing what to expect, because I haven't seen her since she went in 7 years ago after a bad stroke. The smell gets to me too. But that little old 98 year old lady enjoyed your visit and you probably made her day! I guess we have to put our feelings aside and think of them.

    1. Barb,
      Yes, she gets so happy each time we visit her. We try to go there at least once a month … she's and old friend of Gerry's family.

      It will be so much fun to hear about your trip this Fall!

  3. I do use those LOL words when I tweet or text. When you are limited, you do what you can.

    I worked in a nursing home for 4 years. The one in Lindsborg is the best. No 'nursing home' smell usually but I have been in some that are bad. I too fear being there. The cost is outrageous. That one is up to almot $5000 a month. One in another nearby town is much cheaper but there is not so much they do for the residents. A shame.

    We have a few robins that stay year round but more are here now. So far no other summer birds are here and the winter birds remain. Seen daffodils and tulips blooming. Still lots of brown. And we are in near drought conditions. Some wheat is in trouble. I think ours is ok for now but the state needs rain, and lots of it.

    1. I use the LOL words quite often, now that I think of it. They come in handy, sometimes LOL.
      Yeah, I've heard about the costs for nursing homes. Same thing back home.
      Still too cold here for any more flowers to show, I think. Today; 7 degrees below freezing. and a very nippy wind. So … it will be brown Spring for some time still.

  4. We are right at freezing now. And the radar shows huge area of snow that we are in but nothing it hitting the ground yet. We might get a couple of inches. Then rain every day through thursday. Maybe.

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